November 8th, 2005



I dont understand why men dont listen to us women when we tell them something. Why must they always act like they know everything when in reality they dont know everything. I only ask for a simply phone call to be returned, thats all I ask for. I dont think thats asking too much. I didnt get one phone call from my boyfriend today and he ALWAYS calls me on his lunch break but not today, I got nothing. I call him all the time and he never answers his damn phone. He always gives me an excuse on why he didnt answer his phone, for example: I didnt here my phone right, I left my phone in the truck, I left my phone upstairs, my phone was on silent and so on. Its getting really annoying as all hell. He never calls me back!!!!!! I called him today at 5 when I got out of work and of course he didnt answer his phone so I called him again and yet again he didnt answer his phone. It took him a half hour to return my phone call. Anthony is out with his boys tonight for some stupid concert that I couldnt go to and he also went to hooters. I dont know about him sometimes and its very frustrating as all hell. I dont understand why he needs to go look and stare at other girls tits all the fucking time when he has me and stares at my tits all the fucking time, it just makes no sense to me what so ever. I dont fucking stare at other guys dicks all the fucking time.

you know what really grinds my geers


its fucking annoying beyond belief
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