October 22nd, 2005


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This probably won't seem as important to anyone else as it does to me.

As you guys probably know, I've been with my boyfriend for just over two and a half years. I'm pretty open about it to other people, from around here I mean. I'll tell them that I have a boyfriend who lives across the country. I tell them who he is, how old he is. If they ask "do you ever get to see him?" I'll say "not really, but he wants to come up next year for prom." I don't lie and pretend our relationship's non-existant, I just don't tell them the full truth. All my friends know how we met and they approve of it. That's all that matters to me.

Matt on the other hand has hardly mentioned it to kids from where he lives. He isn't ashamed of me, he's just afraid they won't understand. This makes perfect sense to me but at the same time hurt me because I don't understand why I can be so open about it and he can't.

If you have my screen name you know what my profile looks like. I'll copy it into here.

"Sarah Plus Matt Equals
T r u e ♥ L o v e

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"Aw... grin face! In capital letters!"
I loves my loser

Omnis Ioudas: The Angel of Retribution would so own Charizard

my academy heart: oh snap! i have a crazy ex girlfriend

I <3 you guys lmao"

Basically, I'm not afraid to show it off. Matt used to be the same way at the very beginning of our relationship. He used to write "I Love Sarah" in a code (that wasn't hard to figure out) in his profile. I liked that.

Last night we were both going to sleep and we had already said goodbye when he was like wait a minute, stay. I sat there as he signed off. He has 3 or 4 screen names linked, so he had to change the one he was on in order to do what he was doing. He got online again, then back off, then back on again.

I was wondering right away if he changed his profile but I was like eh I'm just gonna be disapointed, he probably didn't. I looked anyway, and his previously empty profile said "<3Sarahhh<3"

That made me so happy.

He was like "do you know what I did?" and I said yes and thanked him. Then he told me "If anyone offline has a problem with it, then they'll just have to deal with me"

I love him so much. I know that's nothing to be amazingly happy about... but I really am.

Hello again

Well I haven't been here lately. Sorry about that. But I do have some wonderful and terrific news...

As of late, I've been looking around my area for apartments. And I found one. I was looking for one so that Cliff can move in there. Seeing as how he is coming here real soon. He put in his application and so did my mom, as a co-signer. And HE GOT IT! So he has an apartment that is 2 minutes away from my house. Isn't that awesome?! I think so.

Anyways, he is coming here October 30 in the morning sometime. And he said he was leaving Friday October 28 sometime. His parents are coming with him which is soo kewel. Cuz I met his dad but not his mom. So I'm looking forward to that. They're staying with him for a bit to get him all settled in. And then I'll get to meet his sis someday, if not in November, then for sure in December cuz I am going with him to Minnesota. After Christmas. I'll fly there cuz he'll be there spending Christmas with his family.

And then on the 31st is our ONE YEAR anniversary, so I am not going to skewel that day. I'm spending the day with him instead. It'll be totally awesome. We've got the day planned out pretty much. Go to the park, mall, movies, out to dinner and then to that one place we love...the place we went when he was here that weekend. Scenic Drive. Then after that, it depends if it's early or not. Just go back with him to his apartment or wherever we want. Don't matter. But that's pretty much what we are going to do. It's gunna be soo great!!!!

I'm so excited!!!! It's only 8 more days. Tomorrow will be one more week. His family is throwing a party for him tomorrow. A going away party, which I think is very kewel and very nice. All his family will be there, spending time with him.

Then it's only a matter of days until he is here with me. EXCITED!!!! Then when I graduate on May 31, 2006, we'll be taking a trip to Minnesota and spending a couple weeks there. Then back here to El Paso to get some of my stuff and off to wherever we want. To find a place of our own. So many things are going to change in a matter of days and months. Wow. These are going to be very big months, weeks, days...everything. *takes a deep breath*


*~*Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever*~*

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