October 11th, 2005

Meh. Unfairness. D=

Someone tell me why...

Parents are naturally protective, especially single mothers, eh? I know this is true because that's all I've grown up with. But first ya have to understand a little more about my mother- she doesn't trust anyone. It's issues from her past and she takes it out on everyone around her. So, no matter what I do, getting her to believe the best of someone is darn near impossible.

This brings me to the next point. My cousin is in her twenties- I believe twenty-five and she has a nine year old daughter- and a completely Internet obsessed. She's met various men online- and started to have serious relationships with two. However, both of them were really corrupt guys, just using her for various reasons. This hasn't boded well with nearly anyone from my family.

[point ->] My mother is taking my cousins mistakes out on meh. I don't understand why she can try to "marry" men she's known for -what?- two weeks and when it doesn't work out, *I* get it shoved in my face. Typically saying, "All ONLINE/LONG DISTANCE relationships are like this! All men are SCUM!" Yes, she has somewhat of a point: that things can go wrong. Let's see the differences in the cases though.
; knows guys anywhere from a week to a month/two and gets hitched.
; has a habit of flying men in from other countries.

; known Tony for FIVE effin' years and we're still not "serious-serious type". {Meaning we're still not talking about marriage.}
; rationed to talking to him about every two months- with our work schedules and schools. -o-;
; he's lived in PA all his life, and never asked me for the money for him to fly in.

I thought this problem would end when I turned eighteen- when I became legal to make my own effing decisions about who I want to be with. However, that's not my luck. Somehow I always "get the bad guy" or I'm "going to get hurt by him".

Yea, that's a risk we all take in relationships, especially the long distance types.

Does anyone else feel like I know my guy a little more than my cousin knows hers?
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