October 10th, 2005

Brent is no longer my boyfriend

Oh come on dont freak out! Do you know why he's not my boyfriend?
Well because as of 10/9/2005 Brent is now my FIANCE! That's right we are now engaged to be married. When we drove into Galesburg back from Minnesota he told me to close my eyes, and we drove for a while, then we got out and I was still closing my eyes, and he guided me out of the car, and down a ways, I had no idea where I was going, I was scared. Then he stopped. He told me to open them. We were at his special favorite tree in a park. We were just standing there and kissing he then told me to close my eyes again. THen when I opened them, he was on one knee, my heart skipped a few beats. He then asked me to marry him. i said yes vry quickly. Thats that, I don't think I will be falling asleep anytime soon, I am way excited.

I Need Some Help

My boyfriends b-day is coming up soon and I have no idea what to get him. I didnt get him anything last year because I was broke and had no money because I wasnt working but now I dont have that problem and I wanna make up for last year. I am getting him an xbox 360 but he doesnt get that until november 22 or 23 so that really doesnt count as a b-day gift. I am just really stuck on what to get him. I wanna make him happy and give something that he will like and enjoy. So does anyone have any ideas on what I should get him?
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