September 26th, 2005


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Guys this isn't much related to... well... anything but I REALLY need your help (specifically if you do drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes/did so while you were in high school)

My friend and I are doing a project for Psychology and it's sort of due tomorrow. We had to give an enormous amount of people these surveys and we need an equal amount of people who do drugs and who don't to take them. The problem? Only 10 or so people admitted to doing so while about 40 said they DON'T do drugs. Unfortunately, we can't use this because we don't have enough information right now.

So, I know this is totally random and annoying, but if you'd be awesome enough to take this survey for me, my friend and I would love you more than you possibly know.

ANSWER ANONYMOUSLY if you so please

If you're out of high school, just use the grades you got (on average) while you where there.

And Mods of any communities, if you hate me for posting this I'll delete it... it's just REALLY important at the moment, unfortunately.

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