September 10th, 2005



dear everyone,

if you notice a lack of posts/comments it's because I hurt my wrist and can only type with one hand. I might have carpal tunnel or however the heck it's spelled because of typing too much/typing in a bad position/typing without stretching first. It's not bad right now but if I DO have that it can get really really bad. It;s just hard to get rid of because you basically have to learn to NOT use the wrist for a while. It might take a few weeks, or more depending on how well I succeed at not using the wrist. You guys should probably be aware of it because it effects like 20% of people who type regularly and in some cases people consider surgery (only when it's severe and that's generally associated with pregnancy, diabetes, alcoholism, a couple orther diseases, and having had a broken wrist before.) Just be super careful guys because even though for me it isn't insanely painfful, it does hurt and is more than anything an annoyance. I'm gonma chill out and try not to use that wrist as much (specifically not typing)

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