August 24th, 2005


Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. School time is all around, so I hear. Someone (coughs) has my old pre-cal teacher as a Algebra 2 teacher. Hope you have fun in her class btw. She is real kewel.

Anyways, the real reason I am posting here is something happened. Very good something. CLIFF GOT HIS PARTS! But the thing is, he found out they’ve been there for awhile just in a different spot. That’s ok though, at least he has them right? Totally awesome because now all he does is put them all on his truck and he’ll be here before we both know it! Yippy! Can't wait. I am so happy and I was very happy to hear he got them Monday, I believe. Yes! So thats why I posted. *very excited* He is working on his truck right now. :D

*~*Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever*~*

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