August 18th, 2005

  • tynshi

Distance Kills.

Distance is murder.

That being said, I haven't talked to Tony in about two/three weeks. Time is limited with me moving on-campus and since he's still 'new' at his job... ugh. I start school Monday- and my orientation for 'my new job' is Tuesday. So, even though you'd think I'd eventually get to talk to him- we'll be working opposite shifts.

Once again, I'm assured that distance kills.

Hope soon. x_x;
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a long wait

so... im so happy- he is sending me a letter with a promise ring ...
he wil prob get on from this site or one that looks like one of these.

he told me to check my mail everyday lol which i will prob be doing lol...But im kind of scared about what the letter might say... im thinking that it might be bad .. but who knows.. it wil prob be good.

he said he wanted to send me a letter , so i can have somthing that he was had.. has touched... and so i can see his hand writing and stuff..

so idk- its awesomelol
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