August 10th, 2005


1) What's your favorite love story (book, movie, or legend) and why?

-Legend…Prince and Princess finding each other. Because their kind of love is hard to find and reminds me of Cliff and me.
2) Do you think that such stories and movies are realistic? In your mind, do they portray what the idea of 'true love' really is?

-I don’t think they are realistic because it doesn’t portray what True Love could be. Its all fake to be honest. What they put in movies, that is.
3) Define true love in your own words.

-True love is something that you know is real and lasts through anything and everything. And you can be happy with that person after the worst of fights. And it seems like nothing in the world is wrong. Its almost like a true fairy tale. Something that is forever lasting. Umm, I don’t know how else to describe it.
4) What is the most memorable experience you and your significant other have had as a couple? If you've met, what is the most memorable from your memories online and what was the most memorable offline?

-The most memorable was when we were on Scenic Drive together…and online is when we first started talking and when we first were a couple.

5) What factors do you think make online relationships possible? What traits do both members of a relationship have to possess?

-TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. Oh and you have to believe that its all possible. BELIEVE!!!
6) Do you think that anyone could have an online relationship if they put in some effort, or is it one of the things that isn't meant for everyone? Why?

-Anyone could have an online relationship if they really try. It can be meant for everyone. But only for those few people. Because everyone’s meant to be is somewhere. They just have to have patience. :) I hope that makes sense. Lol.


*~*Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever*~*

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