August 9th, 2005


New To Community

Your name: Flower
Age: 25
Location: Vancouver, BC
Your significant other's name: Dave
Their age: 23
Their location: Winnipeg, MB
How long have you been together? Unofficially since April 2005 ... Officially since May 20, 2005.
Have you met in person? Yes
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment? Yes
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love? Unrealistic, Not Possible
Are you in love? If so, when do you think it happened? Yes, before it became official ...
What are some of your hobbies? Computers, Chatting, Music, Movies, Nascar
What are some of your significant other's hobbies? Havok!, Music, Mobile Audio, Nascar
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together? We watch Nascar while on the phone together. He got me into Nascar.
Give a brief summary of how you met (if it's long, put it under an lj-cut): In about 2000, we knew each other through a chat room which is no longer operational. We didn't chat much. I was a moderator so we'd only talk when he needed to be granted access to a new SN. As of April 2005, we started chatting online again. I gave him my phone # and he called me. Ever since the first call he's been calling me practically every day. We spend hours on the phone! I flew out to see him July 27th and just got back home August 6th. Hopefully we'll see each other real soon (not soon enough).
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Finding out things is soo awesome...

Heylo everyone. Before I post this convo..Yeah I am still stuck on the whole Class Ring thing. Sorry I just cant seem to get over it. It's something special. I asked him last nite what the REAL reason why he is letting me hold his ring. Cuz my mom swears that there is something more to it. So I asked him. It's kind of a long convo so i put it in MY journal...muahahaha.  

N*E*WAYZ...looking back at September 4th, 2004 and then at October 31st, 2004... It makes it hard to believe that we have been together for 9 months now. And it'll be 10 at the end of August. Then perty soon it'll be 1 year. Wow. Never been with someone that long before. And to top that all off, Cliff said he's going to do something real special for our 1 year anniversary. And he wont tell me. I wanna know!! But then again, I dont cuz I love surprises. :D Can't wait!! I cant wait till he is here either. It's taking longer cuz his mother wont order his parts. *rollz eyez* geez. But we will be together soon, very soon. I want him here sooo badly. It'll happen though. Yes it will :D

Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever!!!

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Maybe you all can help...

Ok, so, my Stephen is leaving on the 28 to move to Washington. Then I get to go from Oregon up to seattle to see him. He is moving to Washington to be with me and to go to college.

I should be exsatic, right?

But Im not... im so scared of what is going to happen when he gets here...

What if when he see the sides of me that cant be portraied on the internet and he freaks out?

What if he falls for someone else, what will I do?

What if he decides this was a huge mistake and moves home?

What if his parents freak out because Im white and he's black.

What if my parents (who dont know yet) freak bout because of the diffrent skin colours?

im so scared about it, i have stopped talking to him almost. We only e-mail now. Ever IM like we used to. I've tried to bring this up with him before.


Im terrofied about him moving here! Does this mean I dont really love him? I feel so awful for feeling like this... i dont know what to do.

Is there any thing that can ease my pain?
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