August 8th, 2005

Something to think joking.

As I wear Cliff's class ring on a necklace around my neck, I can't help but feel like one of them girls from the GREASE days or something. Lol. Sorry. They were wearing their guy's ring on a necklace. And to them, it was something so very special. And its something very VERY special to me. I never thought I'd get this way over a class ring, but hey!!!! It's Cliff's ring and I feel soooo very very special wearing it. So you can call me a freakin' teenie-bopper, i dont care. All i know is I'm wearing Cliff's ring, my Prince's ring. Me feels like a Princess. His Princess. :D

Oh and I never take it off. Only to shower, thats about it. Just like the bracelet. :D

And sometimes I just look at it and it makes me think about what me and him have gone through with our relationship. Our worst times and our best times. But it all goes to show you that no matter what can always make it through. LD things truly honestly work if you belive! :D

Cliff and Joanna Always N' Forever!!!!
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