August 6th, 2005

*shocked* in a very good way

Uhh, i dont know what to say. Except that I cried when I seen all this and one really special thing...
-Feelin' Ducky sticker
-Atari sticker
-Fender pic (he broke it)
-Fender pic flower
-His alien pic
-Drawing he did in 9th grade (lol Algebra class)
-A letter he wrote me...(yes to whats behind that paper)
-A CD with special songs on it
-Friday Night Lights movie..with Hostage inside

___And the one that made me cry alot___
Wrapped inside a napkin. It had a note attatched saying "Hold onto my ring for me, i'll be down in not too long now to pick it up ;) :* "
---WOW!!!!! i cried when i read that note. Hadn't even looked inside at the ring. I was in tears. It looks so much like mine. Creepy. So now i have it on a necklace with my ring. *tear* :x

Everything he I was in complete shock with everything. That Fender flower is perty. Everything is soo nice and just wow. I am still in shock. WOW!!! I love him sooo very much!

Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever!!!
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