July 31st, 2005


A little update AND Questions of the Week!

I figure I've been neglecting this community quite a bit as of late, I'm not really sure why. I've been doing the same to my livejournal as well which some of you on my friends list may know. I'm going to try to be better about this whole maintainer thing and post more/post more questions and such.

wellll to give you a cute little update on my relationship....

1) My boyfriend got his birthday present which makes me quite quite happy. I had a little glass penguin and he absolutely loved. Apparently he showed his parents because he thought it was so cute which made me smile because his parents don't even know about us. His dad saw the box though, and they know the penguin came from the package, so his dad told Matt that I obviously have a crush on him. Aww!

2) The past two nights we stayed up all night, which really really made my weekend amazing. I'm a really big insomniac, and my mother gave me permission to stay up, so I decided to abuse my power and stay up until the early early morning. My sweety stayed up with me which was awesome. It was sort of like a sleep over from 3,000 miles away. We talked on the phone all night and I think we learned a lot more about each other. I definitely recommend you to do that if you're able to. I'm exhausted now, but it was definitely a weekend to remember.

Now this is a little... um... really, REALLY late, but... questions of the week? Haha. Sorry they aren't exactly weekly anymore, I'll try to work on that but I can't make any promises

1) What's your favorite love story (book, movie, or legend) and why?
2) Do you think that such stories and movies are realistic? In your mind, do they portray what the idea of 'true love' really is?
3) Define true love in your own words.
4) What is the most memorable experience you and your significant other have had as a couple? If you've met, what is the most memorable from your memories online and what was the most memorable offline?
5) What factors do you think make online relationships possible? What traits do both members of a relationship have to possess?
6) Do you think that anyone could have an online relationship if they put in some effort, or is it one of the things that isn't meant for everyone? Why?

I'll be filling out my answers in a seperate entry :)

MOD - QOTW answers and.... something else!

QOTW answers :)Collapse )

SECONDLY! I would like to ask Jill (Fadetblck) if she would like to be a moderator here. I'd IM you, but I don't know if you have AIM or what your screen name is, so I figured I may as well ask you here. I want to know because you've been active from the beginning. You participate in the QOW whenever you can. You regularly comment to entries and welcome new members. You seem to know the rules pretty well, and you seem really really sweet and helpful. It's up to you if you want to, but I promise it won't be overly stressful or anything like that. If you have AIM IM me at PrincessSarri or if you don't you can email me at xKonstantine777@aol.com. Comment here with your answer :)