July 26th, 2005

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And it's you, and me, and all of the people

Hey everyone :)

I don't know if i've ever introduced myself, but my name is meghan, and my boyfriend's name is Alex. :) I live in Ohio, he lives in New York. We met september 28th, and became fast friends, and then around december 24th, we offically became a couple :). I'm so happy with him, as he's funny, sweet, generous, and oh so wonderful. He's definately a keeper, and I adore him beyond anything. We've had a few fights, and a few rough patches (what couple doesn't?) but we've come through them better, and loving eachother.

I'm actually visiting him for the first time the 1st of August through the 7th. I'm so excited! ^_^ I'll post the pictures here, when I get back, if that's ok!!

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Very Anxious

Hey everyone! I just cant seem to keep it in any longer. I mean its just so very excited. My boyfriend is going to be here with me perty soon. Hopefully by the end of August. :D I'm so very happy!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well...hope everyone is happy. Kepp your heads up if anything is going wrong. Fights/arguements only make you 2 stronger!!!

Cliff and Joanna Always N' Forever!!!
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