July 11th, 2005


MOD - Changes!

Alright guys! There are going to be a hellll of a lot of changes in the near future!

1 - I'll be changing the layout of the journal as well as that of the userinfo within the next few days. I may start tonight but I can't promise I'll finish so bear with me if the layout looks like crap over the next day or so.

2 - I will be adding new questions of the week within the next few days

3 - If you have a community dedicated to love, online love, long distance love, or whatever else and would like to become a sister community with me, that'd be wicked wicked cool! I'll put your link on my userinfo if you do the same for me! Comment here if you want to be involved with this :-p

4 - I'll be adding a *gasp* NEW MOD if any of you are interested! If you want to be a mod comment here just so I have an idea of who's interested. It's obviously not a hard job. You'll be in charge of helping me come up with new QOTW's, promoting the community, adding/adjusting rules, finding new sisters, and plus you'll get to have your picture up on the userinfo. I just need help running the community. I'll choose a mod based on whoever's interested as well as how active you are in the community. For example, if you've been a member from the beginning but haven't posted/answered the QOTW once, chances are I won't choose you. I may ask you questions about why you want to be a moderator as well. PLEASE don't hesitate to 'apply' to be one, as I promise it won't be too hard!

I'm really excited about all the changes guys, let's get this community going!