July 1st, 2005


MOD - promote?

Hey guys it's me

Alright as you've probably noticed the activity in the community has definitely gone down, come on guys! More of you need to answer the questions of the week and post more, okay? I'm putting off posting more questions until more people answer them, a few of you promote (and provide links in a comment to this entry), or a few people join from being promoted! It'd be a great help if you could promote in other communities (so long as they allow it), in your journal, in a friends journal, or in your userinfo.

I know some of you guys post a ton which is great but it's hard to keep an active community with very few members.

You can post absolutely anything that relates to the topic of online love (or love in general depending what you're posting) whether it be a question, a conversation with your significant other, or just random information about your relationship. pleassee try!

Alright, new topic now! Well my boyfriend's birthday was a few weeks ago but I wasn't ready with his present yet. I'm on a definitely limited budget (I don't have a job and I'm only 16 so I don't have a lot of cash lying around) but this is what I'll be sending him:

-My old diary (with a few pages ripped out and crossed out, haha) so he can see just how much he's impacted my life and so he'll hopefully continue writing on the unused pages to send back to me for my birthday
-2 CD's both with a single song each. One song I'd sang to him almost exactly a year ago and another I was going to sing but never did. They're both sweet and lovey (M2M - Pretty Boy, Ace of Base - Ordinary Day)
-A 'livestrong' style bracelet that's dark blue (his favorite color) and says "Amor - Love"
-A miniature glass penguin.. with a condom taped to the bottom of it... Okay, that's actually an inside joke as weird as it sounds. I know it'll make him laugh :)
-Cherry lipgloss - I know he likes cherry (I do too) and I wrote him a note explaining I have some too and until the day we meet I'll wear it so he can taste my kiss from 3,000 miles away.
-A poetry book I made for school. It contains (I believe) 13 poems of various styles. Most of these I haven't shared with anyone except for my teacher who obviously graded it.
-About 20 or so love coupons - some to be used before we meet, some after
-2 cards, one's a birthday card and one's a long distance/missing you card
-A 3 page (2 pages both sided and the front of another) note.
-A few pages from a diary that I had 2 years ago, I'd written it a month after Matt and I broke up for the 1st time and I thought it was adorable because all I wrote about was how much I loved and missed him
-A 'kiss in a box' (I kissed a piece of paper with lipstick, put a box around it, and explained that he could take my kiss whereever he went now and it'd always be there to make him feel better. All he has to do is kiss it back when he's lonely :)
-A collage/love story... I made a little collage with notes I'd written but never sent him and inside wrote a story about a princess falling in love with a boy... He refers to me as a princess because I've always wanted to be one.
-...$12. That's all I had at the time, but I wanted to send him at least some money so he could buy something that he actually wanted.

aww, I thought this was cute :)

Well my mother absolutely loves Matt. He IMs her now, asks her how her day was, and he insists on calling her 'mom'. Soo, my mom KNOWS I'm sending him this birthday present and last night I complained to her that I thought the box she gave me wasn't full enough (most of the things I'm sending are either really small or flat, so not a lot of space is taken up) and I felt bad because of that. My mom was like well on Saturday we'll go to get it weighed to see how much it'll cost to send, and then maybe I'll buy him something to put inside it :)

I love herr!