June 13th, 2005



Hi everyone my name is Kilanda and I'm 18 years old and I'm in an internet relationship with someone old than I am but its cool..Most people don't understand internet relationship and I get a lot talk about how stupid people think I am for dating someone who lives so far away but having no one to really talk to about the things I go through is hard so I thought maybe joining this community I could find someone who I can talk to about some of the things I go through. Hope to meet a lot of people off here

Age: 18
Location: Missouri
Your significant other's name: Alx
Their age: 27
Their location: California
How long have you been together? 4 years
Have you met in person? nope
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment? yes
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love? I thought online dating was cool as long as the person was happy
Are you in love? If so, when do you think it happened? yes, it happened after the third month.
What are some of your hobbies? Webdesigning, chatting, meetting new people, Alex<3
What are some of your significant other's hobbies? Singing, writing songs,
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together? love of music, food, tv
Give a brief summary of how you met (if it's long, put it under an lj-cut): Well his girlfriend that he had at that time was my friend and he met me through a website I had that she had showed him and he got my e-mail address from there and like a week of talking he finally told me he liked me and we've been together ever since :D