June 8th, 2005

comments for support!!! the real life stry of my fairytale.

hey guys the names dasale. im 17 and i met my fiance online in a love chat:) he was so funny in the chat and i knew i had feelings for him because my heart would beat everytime he said something. finally i got enough courage to im him and we started talking , one month later we were talking every day until like 3am, we had such so much fun-i knew i was in love. he proposed in the most romantic way ever. he typed i love you while he mouthed will u marry over his web cam-this was first time i had ever seen him and it was heaven. the only problem was he had in fact he had sent me pictures before but they had been of a 17 year old "brad pitt" look alike-much to my surrprise they were not him. when i saw him on the webb cam i found that he was actually 40. you would think i would be hurt and schocked, but really i was overwhelmed with joy and excitement becausse it was like i was seeing the real man for the first time, the fact that he is older doesnt matter to me because we are still so in love. my mother has disowned so next month after the wedding -where we will meet for the first time- i will move in with him and his two part time jobs (( hes such a working man)) at mcdonalds and the local pizza place will support us and our growing family.

i joined this community because i wanna share my true real life fairy tale-online love story. i really would like to get some support and hear ur input on this stry. all of you who have given on love just no these beautful miracle really happen so next time u feel lonely just log on and you never no u mite find ur soul mate, i know i did:)

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hey. i just talked to my fiance Georgo for the first time ever-on the fone. o his voice, better than i had imagined it. deep and rich and o so passionate. in order for him to be able to support me though he cant really use the fne ( these things cost money :-/ ....so next time we talk we'll be at the wedding!!!!!

ahhh its so close. we will be wed at the local church (( ive saved up so long for a ONE WAY TICKET TO HIS HOMETOWN))))...i would say where, but i dont want any stalkers hehe. it is the web. and the party----o its so sweet-at mcdonalds!! i know that sounds cheap, but since he works there we thought it would be so cute-and its all we can afford. so three days from now me and my new hubby we'll be sitting in mcdonalds chowing down cheeseburgers and mckchicken sancwiches--(my favorite) and start out new lives together.

ive never been happier. its like im floating on cloud 9 and im never gunna come down