May 21st, 2005


MOD - question

Hmm, what things about your relationship do you find extra sweet, or really weird, or just unique? It's really hard to word this the way I want to...

For example, something I find kind of strange is that both Matt and I need noise to fall asleep when a lot of people prefer silence. He sleeps with his TV on and I sleep with a fan or tv on. We both have really hard times sleeping without the noise.

comment on this with a few things you like about your relationship. I'll comment with more of my things once a few of you guys comment ♥

MOD - Questions of the week - week 3!

This week's questions are a little bit different. You have a choice between doing one question, or both, because some people may go on and on if they chose to do the first question.


Write a letter to your significant other, or someone who has effected your life on a romantic level in the past. Write about whatever you want; the relationship you have/had, any hardships you may have, absolutely anything. Whether you send this letter is completely up to you, but it'll help us understand your relationship a bit more and can help get things off your mind!



Create a type of list regarding long-distance love, online love, or relationships in general. It can include more than ten things, but at least ten. You may do, but are not limited to, the following subjects: 10 ways to help get over a break up, 10 reasons why online relationships are absolutely amazing, 10 gift ideas if you're in a long-distance relationship, 10 long-distance love quotes, etc. Be creative, and please don't limit yourself to these subjects (unless you want to do one of them, of course!) Have fun with this, go beyond ten things if you want to.

MOD - answer to 2nd question of the week!

I may do the first one later but for now.. :-p

10 Present Ideas For People In Long-Distance Relationships!
(okay, a few of these really only work well if you're a girl)

1) Buy 2 lipglosses or lipsticks (preferably something that you can taste/smell) and send one to your boyfriend with a note that says until you two can be together, he can still taste your kiss. This works especially well if you know he has a favorite flavor. For example, I think my boyfriend likes cherry so I'd buy cherry flavored lip gloss. You keep the one you don't send to use until you can be together, because he knows you'll be wearing it.

2) This is a lot similar to the first one. If you wear a specific type of perfume or cologne, send him or her a sample of it whether it be a full bottle or just a bit of it is up to you. This is definitely one of my favorite ideas because I've bought the kind of cologne that Matt uses. The scent can be really comforting, it's sort of as though he or she is there with you.

3) Send them a photo album full of pictures of you, your school, your friends, your house, your town, the places you go to hang out... everything. You can add captions to explain each picture if you wish. It's sort of like 'if you were here you'd be meeting these people, you'd be in this house, we'd go to this place together'.

4) This is adorable. Buy a bag of chocolate kisses, unfold the foil of each (being careful not to tear it), and write a reason why you love him or her on a small note. Place the note inside the foil, put the kiss on top of it, and wrap the foil back up. This way, you're not only sending him or her loads of kisses, but also reminders of how much you love them.

5) This can depend on the person, but I'm actually sending my boyfriend my diary for his birthday. It has a year of memories, some of our old conversations, and it just takes a little him into my life a bit. It's probably the most personal thing I have because it wasn't originally meant for anyone's eyes but my own. It's a sweet gift idea because it shows them how much you trust them.

6) Send him or her either a necklace (guys may prefer chains) or a bracelet and buy yourself a matching one. Ask him or her to wear it everyday and when you meet (or see each other next) you can both be wearing your matching necklace or bracelet.

7) Another thing I'm sending my boyfriend is a little book of love coupons. You can find these online or you can make your own. I told him about this one already, and I told him it's his choice of when he wants to use them. I actually found some specifically for online love. Some examples were a chat, free of any interuptions, for an hour, a movie rental of his choice, a bed time story on the phone...

8) Mixed CDs are excellent so long as you can download music and have a CD burner. My friend did this for her boyfriend recently. She downloaded a bunch of songs that reminded her of him, including cute things like 'You Are My Sunshine' and wrote a few lyrics out in a CD booklet then a few sentences of why the song is relevant to their relationship. It was SO cute.

9) This one can be pricey, but those build-a-bear places are amazing. You can record yourself saying a message and put it inside the bear. It's so great because this way he or she can listen to you at absolutely any time of the day. They also have little hearts which you put inside them, and you can choose from a few messages for the hearts! They're extremely cute but with a recording and some of the outfits for the bears there they can be around $40.

10) This one's one of my favorites, and probably the least expensive. Grab a piece of paper, any piece of paper at all, and make a little box with a pen or marker. Put on some lipstick and make a kiss mark inside the box. Outside the box write something like "This is a present just for you. It's one of a kind and it's yours forever. This is a kiss in a box! No one else can have my kiss because I'm forever yours. Even though I can't physically kiss you, I can send you my kiss and I want you to kiss it back. Try to take my kiss wherever you go and whenever you're lonely pull it out, kiss it, and remember that this kiss is filled with my love for you. I'll take all your pain away - always."