May 5th, 2005


MOD - important!!

As you may or may not know, Amanda has given me control of the community. I was thinking of changing things around a bit, just for a new start. I'm gonna be changing the layout a bit, as well as the userinfo, rules, and all of that fun stuff. I was wondering if you guys would help me out though....

First off, the layout - What do you guys think we should do? What colors do you think would look nice? Do you think we should have a specific layout with pictures and a spiffy background and all that fun stuff or should it be fairly basic like it is now? What about lyrics or quotes used for comment buttons, the page title, or set into a picture on the background?

Next, what do you guys think should be added to the userinfo? What about the rules? Do you guys like how that looks too, or do you have a better idea for graphics and such?

I'm also thinking of changing/adding to the 'survey' thing we asked you guys to fill out. Are there any things you'd be interested in knowing about new members?

I may be looking for some co-mods in time, but right now I just want to revamp this place a bit.

and finally, I am going to be going with the "weekly theme" trend that has seem to have taken over a lot of livejournals. This won't necessarily be a specific subject I'll be asking you to blab on and on about like those things tend to be, but I might just ask a couple more questions about your relationship or online love. Nothing too intense unless you choose to really get into it, but it's a good way to keep a community active and learn things about each other.

Thanks guys!