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Shake your paranoia!

I'm new to this community, but old to lj (just on a new account).
Fer sherrr, expect me to be posting alot :D

Your name: Kirsten
Age: 15 since May
Location: SG
Your significant other's name: Cameron
Their age: 15 in August
Their location: IL
How long have you been together? 11 months and 16 days; nearly a year <3
Have you met in person? No, sadly...
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment? Yes
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love? I didn't think it was possible to fall for someone you've never met before.
Are you in love? I strongly beleive I am. I think it happened before we were together, and before I even admitted to myself that I liked him...I mean I've known him for 3 years.
What are some of your hobbies? Visual and preforming arts, fashion designing, skating, photography, writing (poetry, song lyrics), listening to music, going out with friends, shopping, the computer, talking, cooking and baking, dancing in the rain :D lotsa stuff.
What are some of your significant other's hobbies? Fine arts, skating, hanging out with friends, computer, sleeping, listening to music, watching tv, wreaking havoc (lmao, teepeeing and leaving formal events to be mildly destructive xD), walking, video games, shopping, talking...stuff~
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together? Ohh, listening to the music genres rock, metal, alternative and the lot. Skateboarding, clothes, out-witting each other, video games, the computer, walking, talking, animals, acting retarded and pretending to know words to a song when we don't...we both like to be philosophical and talk about world issues and ghosties :D A few others.
Give a brief summary of how you met: We met on this website called in the most random forum ever. He joined the website a day after I did, by the way. Anyways, I wanted to experiment and make a forum for those people who like to cyber and role-play snogging and the lot, just to see how far it goes page-wise and people-wise. I hung around to see if people would even come, and he popped up with the strangest entrance ever that made me laugh in real life. So...I poked at him and talked to him a bit before we took our conversation to prive-messaging. He was my first friend on that site, and I was his first friend. We talked alot - like everyday almost, and he was the first online friend that I'd learned to trust so we then took our conversations to AIM. Yayy. But by this time, it was already in a school year so we only talked before I went to school, and before he went to school. Only about 15-30 minutes each time. There was a looong break over a Christmas to the beginning of a summer in which we didn't talk at all for some day I kinda missed him being around and poked a conversation. So we talked. At that time, he had a girlfriend and problems with her. So I helped him out to stay strong because he was really in a panic about her because she was - no offence - needy and clingy. After awhile, it turns out that I helped him break-up with her (Thank GOD D<) and we updated each other with our lives. We talked everyday that summer for like 5 hours straight just as friends getting to know each other as best friends again. It was alot of fun :] I think I always admired him, and for some reason, while I was helping him out with his other relationship, I had this funny feeling in me. Now I know it was jealousy xP It took me awhile to register that I liked him, so I told him I liked someone and he mentioned he liked someone, too...After a long long long while of trying to guess and give hints, he gave in and...hmm...he told me :] It was a loooong dramatic conversation that ended with SUCH releif because apparently we both really liked each other. Maybe even more than liked at that stage. And the next day, we just went about things in the normal way with each other - just a bit more open with additional <3s...hehe. And no, we do NOT cyber-snog D<...just hug because we're both deprived of each other in reality now. Aahahahahh...
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