Jennifer Lynn. (passionately) wrote in _online_love_,
Jennifer Lynn.

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To those who told me 15 is too young, you were right. Stephen turned into a little immature prick and we are no longer together, though our breaking up had nothing to do with his immaturity. It's a long, painful story, and I'm just trying to get over him. And it even all started with neither one of us wanting to break up, instead it was his father. I guess 4 years is too much of a difference when they're under 18. But whatever, it's over, and I'm just going to have to *try* & deal with it. I'll stay in the community, but unfortunately my chapter with Stephen is over.

& I'm so pissed, I spent $1000 to see him, & lost my virginity to him. Stupid, stupid me.

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