Sarah (sarry777) wrote in _online_love_,

MOD - happy!

hey guys :) these past few weeks have been very very stressful and eventful. I got out of school on the 24th, am going to buy prom tickets today, have to clean up my whoolllle house so Matt has a place to stay when he comes and visits, am planning on getting my permit tomorrow (which means reading a 200 page driving manual, yuck, and finding my ID), have all sorts of senior events next week (including prom), and am GRADUATING next Saturday - holy crap.

I did decide to post here quickly before prom comes because in less than a week I'm going to see Matt again!!!!!!!!!! I'm so psyched! It's been about 11 months :) since I last saw him!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all the couples planning to meet this summer! Unfortunately I gotta cut this off. I'm at a friends house and she's just about ready :-p
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