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Stuck In A Pickle

I have a situation that I dont know what to do about. See I bought concert tickets for Sounds Of The Underground which takes place on July 13th which is a friday and it starts at 1:00 pm. The problem is that my BF all of sudden wants to buy tickets for the Nickleback show which is the same day as my show. Well I told him I would see my tickets but the problem is that I really dont want to because 1.) I told him a head of time that I was getting tickets for this show, 2.) I told him that I was buying tickets for this show when they go on sale, which I did cause they went on sale on may 11th and thats when I got them, and 3.) this was going to be the last concert tickets I bought for the summer but now since my Bf wants to go see Nickleback, I have to try and my sell my tickets. So it's a toss up between Sounds Of The Underground or Nickleback with TBA bands. Plus Nickleback tickets didnt even go on sale yet. I check their website yesterday.

So thoughts on what I should do. I really dont wanna go to that Nickleback show because I rather go to a mosh pit show and see bands that will kick my ass instead of seeing some stupid chick bands where you sit down like a bump on a stick. UGH UGH UGH

What should I do? Help me out?

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