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Distance sucks

My boyfriend bought me a ring. A really beautiful ring, cause he chose it for me (with my birthstone which matches not only my horoscope sign, but the month of my birth - amethyst). And this means too much for me, cause it wasn't gonna be just a gift, it was gonna be a really special gift. Steve didn't work for some years because of the accident so he wasn't able to buy me something before. So this time he worked hard to save up some money and get something for me. He showed me a picture of the ring, because he needed to know my size. But also he got me a necklace and earrings. He didn't show me them, cause he wanted it to be a surprise. He ordered them separately in the online shop and waited for all items to be delivered. So when finally he got everything he was happy to send it all to me. I was looking for the best post service and reading rules realized that jewelry are prohibited for my country to be send. And there is no way to send it, cause it will be confiscated in any case when it reaches the custom. It was a big disappointment for both of us. He was upset because he was trying so much to make something for me and much more I was upset, cause I couldn't wait for it, I was already dreaming how I would be wearing that ring. And other jewelry things...I even can't imagine how they look, I wanted to see them so much. He promised to keep what he get for me for a day when we meet (it won't be soon, maybe after a year, maybe after two). Sometimes when I remember about it I feel like crying, cause it's so unfair! Something like Gods do everything not to let us get closer. We can't meet, because I can't get a visa, because I'm in the critical category: I'm 20, I'm not married, I have no kids, I have only mom (no father, no siblings), I don't have real estate (this fact usually can help) and one more fact - my English isn't good at all (I mean oral). So people from the embassy think I'm an immigrant. Of course in the future I'm planning (or I would like) to immigrate, but for now I just want to see my boyfriend. Just for a while. You know, I don't have friends where I live. Over here. No one. I have some nice ones from the other city. They came to me this weekend. Last time I saw them was three years ago when I came to their city. And sometimes I think I'm cursed. Because people I really love and care are so far away from me :(

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