Sarah (sarry777) wrote in _online_love_,


Okay guys obviously I haven't posted the questions of the week yet. I've had a lot on my mind lately with my sister graduating, one of my birdies dying, my cousin graduating college.. just a heck of a lot.

because of that, I won't be posting the questions of the week for a few days probably because I can't think of anything.. but if any of you want to make something up go right ahead and post it.

The first post will become the new questions of the week.

When asking make sure to..

not ask the questions that are in the survey because you can always just go back and read the surveys of the members if you're curious

be purposely vague so the person answering the question can interpret them how they would like and don't just respond with yes or no

ask either one fairly long question or a few shorter ones so everyone gets a chance to put thought into their answers (again, so it's not just like "yes" or "no" with no explination)

ask something of interest and related to the subject of online love, long distance relationships, or relationships in general (you may ask other things as well, as long as at least one question is about relationships)

post "QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK!" in the subject line.
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