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1b) If you HAVE NOT met your SO, do you plan to meet soon? Why haven't you met yet? Is money the issue? Have you not told those in your life (parents, siblings, friends)? There are so many different set backs, and we're all aware. What has been the hardest part of being apart so long and not being able to see or touch each other? We have not met yet. We fell in love too late and while he used to be able to speak to me every night (I used to stay up so late to see him online because the time difference is so huge!) we only now speak to each other occasionally because he is in the army. He does get a 2 weeks vacation, but he won't even be able to use that until he is fully healed which is going to be about 6 months. I am incapable of saving money because the cost of living in California is ridiculous and all of his money is going towards medical bills. I'm hoping he will be able to use the vacation to come out here though. If not, then the plan is him moving out to LA after he is discharged from the army. He has family here, so he will feel at home and be near me!

2) Who was the hardest person to tell your LDR about? Why? How did they react? Are there people who you haven't told yet? What do you think their reaction will be? Elaborate, give examples. I told my most recent boyfriend about Morthewan, it ended up being one of the main reasons we broke up. While Mor and I are so extremely in love we still see other people. I don't believe in preventing him from seeing anyone and I know that our love is so strong no one can get in the way. I havn't told too many other people, just really close friends, or people who I think will understand. It's hard to explain so when I talk about Mor (which I do all the time) to not so close friends I just say "My friend in Israel" but he is so much more!

Morthewan has also told significant others about me. In the end it is usually our significant others who can't handle not being the first person in our lives and leave us. It's all good though, I have Mor and I don't need anyone else although sometimes it gets lonely.

3) What is your favorite love story of all time? It can be from a movie, a book, a tv show, a song, real life... anything. Why is it your favorite? Do you relate to the story in any way? Aaah, I'm not sure if anyone here will know it, but I absolutely *LOVE* Narn i Hun Hurin. It's elvish for The Tale of the Children of Hurin which is a story Tolkien wrote and Christopher Tolkien released the notes/unfinished stories for books like The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales etc. Think Oedipus Rex meets Romeo and Juliet. Turin, the main character falls in love with his sister unknowning that it is his sister and then they have a very Romeo and Juliet type ending when they find out the truth. It is the most tragically sad and lovely thing I have ever read in my entire life. I reccomend it for everyone. I definitely relate to their love and their loss.

4) I know it's unrelated, but what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I had to work on Thanksgiving, but work did cater us and the food was really awesome, so I suppose I am thankful for the food, haha.
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