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another, much more light hearted, note (this time to matty)

Dear Matty,

Thank you for everything you've given me. Thank you for giving me the world. Thank you for making me act like a little kid again, and like it.

Thank you for...

All our silly little wishes that day... How for an hour straight we made a new wish every minute. How our wishes were so different; some sweet and some amusing. How after every wish you and I would go "EEEE!". How we decided we're going to get a pot bellied pig, a girl, named Batman. How we're both serious, and how neither of us can wait.

All the times you've made me squeak and how high pitched my voice can go. How whenever I giggle now, I can't help squeaking. How you used to not understand how I did it, but how you can go even higher than I can now. How we can sit there going "eee" "eeeee" "eeeeeeeee" and get higher pitched every time. How I don't know who can hear me when I squeak so loudly, but I don't even care.

"We're making dead lion noises! ROO!"
Going "ROO!" back and forth. How I decided that roo is the sound dead lion's make because ghosts say boo and lions say rawr. How we can say roo in a sexual tone, then burst out laughing because we're turning dead lions into something sexual and totally innapropriate. How you think the way I say roo is adorable.

"Could you imagine pissing a guy off who could spit on you and it'd burn through your skin?"
All the things we've ever said to each other that make absolutely no sense. How somehow we actually understand each other in spite of it all. How we must have a million ADD moments, at the worst times, during the most serious conversations. How it makes me laugh everytime you're being silly, even if you are talking about acid spit.

"I'm sorry" "Meep!"
All the times you've put up with me for apologizing excessively. How you always let me know that it's okay. How you try to get me to stop saying it by saying that *cringe* evilll word. How it doesn't work, because I love you and still seem to have to apologize for something no matter what. How you understand that, and still let me know that it's okay.

*Matt wakes up* "Baby, I'm gonna let you go now, okay?" "okay" "I love you" "I love you too" "bye" "bye" *Matt falls asleep*
All the times you've fallen asleep on the phone. How it never ceases to be adorable and amusing. How you can fall asleep multiple times in a single conversation. How your breathing becomes to steady and comforting when you fall asleep. How it's impossible to wake you up. How that makes it cuter.

"Gotta catch em all... PokeMatt!"
All our old memories. How you used the pokematt icon I made you, and claim to still have it saved to your computer 3 years later. How you always used to flirt with me even though I was little. How you'd give me advice no matter what. How you became my best friend.

"I love you with all my heart"
All the times you've said those words to me. How you've given me reason to believe you when you say it. How you've given me a reason to love you, too. How you're the greatest boyfriend ever, and how I'm never going to leave you.

I love you, my wonderful baby boy. Never, ever forget that.

Love Always,

Your Sarry ♥
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