I'm with her :) (4mydream) wrote in _online_love_,
I'm with her :)

need advice

Hi, I really need some help and advice....

Here's the short story, my gf and I will be together for 7 months on the 5th of Dec. We're head over heels about each other and we're really in love, but we've never met. One reason is we live pretty far from each other and I'm acually out of the country at the moment. I'm planning to go visit this winter break and I'm really hoping we can meet up. The problem is that she's never met anyone from online before (not to mention a bf from online!!). So needless to say, she's extremely scared to meet for the first time. Does anyone have any advice for me so that I can help her feel better about it? Or even advice for her? We would love any tips or stories of how it was when you first met! Thanks so much!!!
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