journaldeux (journaldeux) wrote in _online_love_,

It would have been a month today.

I'd be with him. A month today I'd be with him. How do I explain this? I've been wrongly diagnosed with schizophrenia. I told my psychiatrist months ago I was planning this trip, before the tickets were bought. He didn't say anything. Now everything is booked and it's a month to go, he's stopping me. He said he'll either section me to stop me leaving the country, or write to whatever insurance company I get and advice them strongly against insuring me and write a note to the airport or something saying the same. My mum won't let me go without medical insurance as I overdose and cut myself. I know I can control it when I'm there, but noone beleives I'm in control of my actions. I had to explain all this to J last night. He wouldn't accept it for ages, he wouldn't believe that I can't visit. oday he's going to find out about switching my ticket for one to get him here. Has anyone here had any experience with exchanging tickets? There was alot of crying over the phone... this has to work out. We've been waiting 4 years and I don't know how much longer we can handle this.
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