Marie-Ève (rapi) wrote in _online_love_,

Whooo, I just called the travel agency.
I'll be leaving june 24th, coming back on august 5th, the cost including the taxes and the luggage/cancelling/medical insurances is 770$ CAD.
My ticket's reservated and me and Bran have to pay it by May 8th :x
My mom is lending us the money, though, she's cool. :o
It won't cause problems with my school either, we start on august 23th and there's no inscription day or anything. My mom, the nub, had looked for a june 28th-July 18th flight, what a nub. x]
Now...To pass my school year. =/
I REALLY REALLY REALLY have to work harder, pls, haaaaaaalp. T___T
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