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I'm not inactive...

...I swear.

No activities done...Sorry about that, but I can't see myself participating in too many...While they're sweet and definately a good creativity-inspiring idea for couples, I'm not often in the proper state of mind to be trying to use my originality. =/ I do enjoy reading through all of yours. The color bars were a fantastic idea, whomever first thought of them. :D

Martin and I are still close, still fighting for the words and thoughts to fully express what we feel. And we're both still bouncing about "TWOMONTHSZOMG!!!!111" even though it's been 10 days since I first said "TWOMONTHSZOMG". He's waiting for a return from his government before he aquires his passport and books the tickets, so we can only say "TWOMONTHSZOMG". The return is for sure coming, and so his trip is a for-sure thing, but what sucks is the not-knowing-when and the waiting. I should think the government wouldn't take more than two months to process an error in his favor. >_<

The waiting, obviously, is an evil necessity. We need the time to get to know each other, to gauge each other's responses, likes/dislikes, moods and reactions to said moods, etc and whatnot. This is of course where doing some of the activities would come to our benefit, and I have no more excuses to offer. :D

So. Poll for you all.

On your first day together with your SO, (provided jetlag was not an issue) where in YOUR city did/would you take him/her to give them a feel of your "world"?

Personally, I think Martin needs to go to a Caribou Coffee (google it if you don't know it...Soooo niiiiiice). He's never before tasted a 'chilled cappuccino'...And what they serve is basically a coffee-flavored smoothie with different flavor syrups...Mint, vanilla, raspberry, hazelnut, you name the flavor, they have it. I think he'd really enjoy it, and beings as the case is, we're both addicted to coffee. It'd definately be a neato sneak peek into my love for variation.
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