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Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.

I am so happy and giddy and omigosh! Right now!

The reason is...

Well, firstly, (before I get ahead of myself), Trae had to get offline so he called me. Mind you, we have only talked about 3 times on the phone before. So, of course, I'm unbelievably nervous/shy/stupid/quiet. But that doesn't matter at the moment :3.... I DO feel a bit guilty, though, because I bluntly refused to sing to him (I can't sing at ALL and I'm very embarrassed over my voice), even after he sang to me x_x;...(haha go Sesame Street song)!

The real reason I'm happy, though? I actually told him I loved him. Twice. Outloud. After he said "I love you" to me first, but... I've just... never told anyone I loved them, at least not outloud.

I know it seems lame and all, but I can't help but be happy about it ^_^

<3 God I love that boy.
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