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Rest of As One post

I hope that you all are having a great weekend. These are the additional songs to my first post. I finally got these all uploaded and ready to go. Oh, by the way if anyone here lives in Kentucky and knows of some good j-pop shops let me know. I will be in Kentucky next week anyway so it would be a plus if I come back with more songs. I know that it is a reach, but stranger things have happened...Enjoy and please comment if you download. Thanx!





To My Dearest


Korean post: As one (9 out of 15 songs)

*Remember to comment if you download*
Just for fun, since I saw that someone had Sarang remix and then someone who requested “Mr. A-Jo” on their post that I would do a whole album post of As One songs. Seriously, it must have been a sign for me to post these, or the lack of sleep…the jury is still out on that one. These are from their 3rd CD: Never to Far. Min and Crystal make up As One and have amazing voices. Anyone that has yet to experience their music, you should. If there are any groups/bands that you think that I should listen to that are like them, let me know in your comments. These songs are only good for 7 days or 25 downloads, whichever comes first. So, have at them! (^.^) *I am looking for M-flo’s “How you like me now?” in mp3. If anyone has it, can you please post it? ::begs and pleads:: I will be eternally be grateful.

Mr. A-Jo


I Won't Cry


아니길 바래요

늦은 사랑

내게 돌아 올까요



The rest to come tomorrow!

Mai Kuraki post

School is finally over for now! I hope that everyone is getting closer to summertime too. Today I am posting the following songs that are quick downloads and are in Real Player format so you will need to have it in order to play the songs. Enjoy! *I will try to do a rotation of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai...maybe and Spanish if that is allowed.... not all in that order, but you get the idea. It was only 5 years ago when Mai.K started as an artist with Ginza. It's amazing how time passes.

*All songs are in Real Player format*

tokyo_seoul27 recommends: Same, Mi corazon, Time after time

Ashita e Kakeru Hashi ~ Mai Kuraki

Imitation Gold ~ Mai Kuraki

Kaze no la la la ~ Mai Kuraki

Lover Boy ~ Mai Kuraki

Mi Corazon ~ Mai Kuraki

Same ~ Mai Kuraki

Time After Time ~ Mai Kuraki

Tonight - I Feel Close ~ Mai Kuraki

~ If you like the songs, please for the love of...buy the album and support the artist. That's why D/L songs got in trouble in the first place.
~ Songs are only to stay on your computer/iPod, etc for no more than 24 hours before you delete it. Unless you have the album...then you know.
~ Please do not direct link. You are an evil person if you do because it hurts all the others who want to download it. Respect the time that it takes to upload songs.
~ Songs are on YouSentIt so it is only online for 30 days or 25 d/l's, whichever comes first.
~ Please leave a comment if you D/L and maybe even recommend songs for me to post. If I have them, it will be the next one(s) up. Gives me something to know what I should post.