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0.0! More addiction??

Hey everyone once again! I hope all of you enjoyed hyori's new album *even though it sounds like britney spears to some ppl...lolol*. before i post this next album up, i'll have to warn all of you.......this album contains songs that are addicting. ex. FLY. that's rite! I have Epik High's recent album "Swan Songs" 0.0!! ooh noo! more epik high!! loll o yea and this album does contain FLY ^^ other addicting songs may be "paris" ,"follow the flow", "Lesson 3 MC" etc kekeke and i guess the epik high addiction will continue on! =DD *sorry lindendragon and rush, but i just had to post this album up for more addiction hehehe*

Spycy.Kymchy has come! ahn young!! ^^

Hello Everyone! 
First i would like to thank (kam sam ne da!! =P) rush225 for helping me out become an uploader here at ongaku ^^, secondly i would like to thank lindendragon for welcoming me here =D. I will be the supplier for the k-pop music here at ongaku and i hope you guys enjoy the music! well for my first upload, i have Hyori's recent album "Dark Angel".  Since her first album "stylish E", hyori's music style has changed a bit.  Lots of koreans claim that she is one of korea's best looking girls and i guess i also agree lol well enough talk, here it is! NOTE: THE ALBUM HAS BEEN RE-UPLOADED ^^  

Hyori-Dark Angel