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hm... I have returned. Did you miss me? ...
>> << of course you did.
Well, um... how.. about.. songs that are... sexy?
ah... I think that is a good one.
Um.. and if the songs toward the end.. aren't teh smex.. it's cause.. um.. I got lazy.
ahahah but you love me anyway.
Miyavi- fumi... something.. it's a long title.. X_X
Ahh.. acoustic Miyavi.. -melts- this is like.. his sex voice... [the voice you get during sex] ahahahahahh so.. listen.. cause Miyavi is love..
Seo Taiji-Come Back Home
mmm... Seo Taiji is love also... I love his voice at the beginning, cause.. he's like "come on..' and.. that's when i start giggling ahhaha Bad Chelsea! anyway. This is on the harder side.. as is almost all the Seo, but.. come on.. it's teh smex.
Dir en Grey -Merciless Cult
This song is all around awesome...it's from their newest album.. Withering to Death? yes. This song is all around tension. Mmmmmmmmm -licks lips at Toshiya picture- Yes... slow rock. but nice. and um.. i noticed.. this is going to probably be a mostly rock rotation.. sorry, if you don't like rock that much.. it's kinda hard for techno to be sexy. -_-
Ryohei Yamamoto-Moon Sexy
Come the fuck on.
It has 'sexy' in the nameeee!!!!!one I had to put this up! This songg is awessommmeeeeee.
if there was a scale.. it would be like :
normal awesomeX----------------------------------------------------------------Moon Sexy awesomex
there! if that doesn't convince you um... it's ryohei... and... um.....it's very i dunno. sexy.
so there.
Koda Kumi-SElfish
ah... Koda Kumi.. is hot. >>; <<; She's like the... japanese.. ashanti or something.
Which.. I hate... but anyway.
This song is very.. um.. neat? But the video is scary.. like.... Dir en Grey scary.. but whorey-er

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HeyaZ Everyone!! This week sharing the new single by Yoriko-Break the Cocoon....Prolly you never heard of her,or maybe you were a huge fan,  BUT she was the singer of the Speed Grapher anime endings...and its pretty good too, very powerful voice and smooth XD a must have, already one of my favorites =)

Yoriko-Break the Cocoon

1. Break the Cocoon

A must have!! *puts it on  favorites list on repeat ^^;; *

2. The Blue Dawn

With every single, there has to be a slow nice song to listen too =P her voice is simply.....amazing

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HeyaZ!! Lindendragon's MP3 ROTATION has gone PV too!! We are now doing a once-a-month PV uploading frenzy enjoy!

Hinoi team- IKE IKE

For all you go happy j-eurobeat fans this is the song for you!! lovely girls doing repetitive dance patterns and such XD...the ending for Ichigo 100%

Stance Punks-No boy No cry

The song from the new Naruto Opening!! the video starts out with 1 astronaut...goes into a school...starts going into a shooting frenzy by turning dull lookin people into rockers!! very enjoyable to watch XD

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yesshh lindendragon we are lazy... XD  newho my I've been busy myself and its summer too eh??? stupid summer school....

so today we have Little By Little newest single...HummingBird and Kinya with... Blaze!! Happy D/L'z!!!

Little By Little-Hummingbird


2.Lonely Survivor



1. Blaze

2. Refraction

3. Blaze(instrumental)

this month you COULD say there isnt many singles out but we shall soon be uploading for your hearing pleasure +requests so enjoy and latz for now!!