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Heeyyy it's like 12 at night/morning? @__@ and like i'm sick and can't go to bed soo imma update since i feel like i dont do that anymore. i'm so sorry. i have been really busy with finals and grades and viruses and likee crushes. X__X i hate boys.
anywayzzzzzzz i thought it would be neat for you gusy to see who i amm and stuff like that
Enough with my drama. ahah wow. i just realized ongaku means music. i think. -__- stfu. here's a rotation or just likeee my mood right now.
so it's gonna be a tiny bit... fucked up. <<<3333
swearing is bad children.
Jia Ren Qu-House of Flying Daggers
I never saw this movie. -_- but the songs are pretty awesome, this one has like bells anddd singing and it's awesome. Just download it. You have nothing better to do. ahahah
I'm DA 1-Whee Sung loves M-flo?
this song is so much love. it's in Korean but I love korean. I have a friend from Korea. and her name is lindsay. how do foreign people decide their names? do they just look in books like I LIKE THIS ONE!!!ONE. or is it some long process where you translate it..?
..Imma stop talking.
No-Namie Amuro
err woww this song is really dirty sounding. but i <3 it. and it's like no no no! so.. i'm wondering what she's saying no to?
NO MEANS NO. kay sorryz
Tokyo Nights-Utada Hikaru It's fast. It's fun. It's utada. download it BITCHESSS.
ahah ( i apologize)
COUNTDOWN (US)- HYDE Omfg. I love HYDE. he is like my first Jrock/pop artist i ever knew. he popped my virgin ears. @__@ i show copyright that. wow. kewlz. my virginity was popped my HYDE and DIRU'S CAGE. T___T good times.
Kioku to SORA- Malice Mizer MM ownes. MM PWN3S. so bad. ahah i remember there was this period where me and my friend would just run aroudn going KOKO TO SOOOOO-RRAAAAA and it was great. ahaha they don't even do that in the song. ahah
Cowboy Bebop- TANK!
Best opening. ever. don't question it. it's jazz. it's got rocket ships. it's got spike. it's go cigarretts.
well cigareets aren't that awesome but spike smoking is. it's hot. it's kewlz' it's TANK and now you wanna download it.