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YOKO KANNO! is great.
I <333 Yoko. I don't mean the one with errr John Lenon or whatever. or maybe I do? are they the same person? @___@ I have no idea. But I love her music.

So this will be kinda like aaaaaa Yoko tribute! WOOHOO.

Yoko Kanno- Inner Universe
This is the one of the best openings for an anime. It's the opening for Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex) It's kinda techno and I since it's in Russian, It's even BETTER. I <3 this song times like a 268742654368543
Yoko Kanno- Ballad of a Fallen Angel
This is a really deep song? It's like.. kinda.. gospel? I don't wanna say gospel cause then people will be like wtf. So I have no idea, but the lyrics are really good and it's got kinda this creepy feeling to it? hahaha I suck at describing.
Yoko Kanno- Christmas in a Silent Forest
OMFG this song is so awesome. It's like right up there with Inner Universe. It's in Italian? but it's like a merge of italian and japanese. I dunno, they did it to 'Close the gap between Italian and Japanese' which I think, personally doesn't need to be closed. XD
Yoko Kanno-Sora
I think this was in a .hack series. I dunno there are so many. I <3 .hack. All the SEE-SAW stuff is awesome. but this has kinda a similar feel.
This is one weird song. But they lyrics are cute and it's all upbeat and like woooaahhh.
Yoko Kanno- Lithium Flower
I love this song. it's the.. ending to GITS? Yes yes. It's so laid back, and it's got this guys voicee anddd ahhhh. I love this song. The lyrics are so weird it's like "I wonder what she does when she wakes up?" I dunno Just download it.
Yoko Kanno-Battle Theme (Escaflowne)
I never watched this anime. But this song is awesome. It's very fast paced cause.. I guess it's a battle song. ahah that makes sense. It's very likeee powerful sounding. It's shows her talent with all the instruments. <3

I <3 Yoko.