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Hello hello!
I'm alive again as you can see. well, my computer has been up for a couple weeks, but i had no music, so i couldn't upload. But I got about 600 of my songs back so I should be good for a while!

and since it's like 11 at night. Imma put on whatever I want. yay random crap.

Make Progress- Nami Tamaki
this is like hella techno. it's just like a minute and half of TECHNO. but it's name tamaki techno so it's good. this was the main song for her album Make Progress.. obviously.

SO EXCLUSIVE (clazzique or wtf it is remix project thing)-M-flo and Sowelu
I really like this version of this song, cause it's laid back and i love really slow laid back music. it's very chillin in a starbucks like. <3 if that makes any sense?

GET OVER- Sowelu
I like this song. mainly the beginning, but it's still a good song. she's like YOU AND ME WILL NEVER BE TOGETHER. and i just realized how terrible that sounds. ahah sowelu is a bitch. :O

Kairo - Utada Hikaru
asd;iajs;oidjfa i love her new album so much. i dont know why she re released like 5 singles on it. that makes me mad when artists do that. like they are to lazy or something. WHATEVS. this song is pretty and slow and it's good to just sit there and listen to.

Queen of HIP HOP- Namie Amuro
ahahahah is it just me, or does... namie seem extremely violent in her songs? it took me a while but it's like N A GET TO KNOW MY NAME! i'm almost curious why she just didn't throw a BITCH in at the end.
ROMANCE -incubo- - Buck-Tick
ok ok
this is a good song. but WTF IS BUCK TICK?!?! the name hella grosses me out. i almost didn't listen to them, cause i can't stand the name. ahahah but this song is slow rockish and it's sex. pure. sweaty. sex.

Celebrity Death Match- TERIYAKI BOYS
oh my god. i dont even like this song. but just listen to it for the first 5 seconds. and then do with it what you will.
i swear. it's amazing

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This is going to be the Summer/spring rotation.
Music that makes you go la la la!
Hahah you know what i'm talking about.
EDIT: Fixed the HYDE link!

HYDE- hideaway
Aww I love this song! It's so cute and happy! And I love HYDE's english so much. DIG IN AND GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! ohh I'll get HYDE's hands dirty. :O
Kaggra- Urei
This song starts off so pretty and then it picks up to pretty Kagrra feel again! It makes me think of spring for some reason.
Sowelu - Uh
ok ok, this is my slutty track for the rotation. but do i love this song. :O ahahah whatevs, it's hot LIKE SUMMER. there we go.
Utada Hikaru - Letters
<333333 it's so light and airy and cute. I love the beginning!
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
One of my favorite Air songs. EVER. It's about this boy likes this girl, but is to shy to do anything, so he doesn't do anything and it is love.
Miyavi- Ashita Genki Ni Nare
This is Miyavis' cutest song ever. Like I know most of you think of Miyavi as this hard rock guy, and most of the time he is, but if you google this video, omfg, it is the cutest thing i've seen in a while. This is not to be confused with "Ashita Tenki Ni Naare" even though that is slower also

Itunes on KRACK.

I have absoluetly no idea what to upload.
At all.
So I'm randoming my library, which is a scary scary thing, and out of the 1300 songs you are going to get some.
I need some themes.
Any ideas? Anywayz

Plastic Tree- Kuuchuu Buranko
I love Plastic Tree so much. His voice is like so soft and happy and like wooo. I wish the were still together. That makes me a sad panda.
Hinoi Team-IKE IKE
ahahah I think someone just uploaded this song, but I had it from a while ago, and it's really fun. haha it's like hella techno and like all these girls just screaming IKE IKE and it's happy and just download it cause you need some happy music.
Dir en Grey -Garden
yayyy old school visual kei diru. The best kind. <3 i love this songgg and it's even better when you can hear kyo going GLAARR -DYEENNN ahaha and i didn't even realize he waas saying that for a while. and then it hit me. that's why dir en grey songs never get old. you always learn the lyrics after say... -cough- 4 years -cough-
<Utada Hikaru- Sakura Drops
yeah. i have a lot of utada, that the shuffle would play two songs by her... in a row. ahaha <3 the video for this song is crazy, but this song is really really pretty. any utada fan could tell you that. it's somewhat slow, but it will pick up, and i particually like the last minute.
Namie Amuro- I wanna show you my love
ahah I told you my shuffle is scary. X___X anywayzzz this is more hip hopish like namie's more recent stuff, but i still like it, and it's got english/japanese like that and she brings ittt. ahaha <3

Utada- Sanctuary
ahahah MORE UTADA. ahaha my computer lieks utada. this is the english version of 'passion' which actually it isn't, it's just liek the same beat and stuff, because in passion it is totally different translated i think. yeah, i dunno. it's still pretty though, even though i like passion a tad more, maybe cause i heard that one first? oh well, it's the opening/closing for kingdom hearts 2 and it's really really prettyy i suggest you youtube it, because teh animation is SEX.

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I just found Utada's newest song. YIPPEEE
Cause you guys all know I'm a whore for Utada. ^___^;;

Keep Tryin'
Link the the Video Keep Tryin
This video is so cute. <<333 I have a recent addiction to Utada Videos. It's her in all these different lives and how you must prevail? I love music videos with messages.

And this is one of the best music videos I have seen in a really long time. It's so pretty and it made me cry.. If you download anything, download this video.
Utada Hikaru- Be my Last (PV)

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ER WOW. Ok Ok, I have Miyavizm? and.. Trax, and Dir en Grey. and m-flo. and Gackt. I hope I can get all this up. @__@ wow.

Here is Miyavizm in a .zip file!
Miyavizm- Miyavi
.zip file.
Blaze Away- The TRAX
mp3 file
Utada Hikaru- Distance (m-flo remix)
.zip file
Dir en Grey- Withering to Death

I'll post more later! I have to figure out what you guys want, and what I have. @___@ I just remembered I lent my friend my Dir en Grey's Gauze CD (the best one) AND THE BITCH NEVER GAVE IT BACK. T___T

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Hello. I didn't go to school today. ^____^
I'm going to upload.. er.. I dunno.
And I was wondering.. how long have we had this layout?
I think we should get some new! Not that I don't like this one, I'm just saying..
As you guys should know, I love Utada Hikaru. So. yes.

Utada Hikaru -Passion
I TOLD YOU I HAVE EVERY SONG. This song hasn't even been released yet! ahahahahah I'm awesome. This is the next song for KH2. It's really awesome, and the Pv is really weird with drummers and stuff, But whatever.

Utada Hikaru -Distance (M-flo Remix)
While I was looking for the remix of YMMWTBAM I found EVERY UTADA HIKARU SONG THERE EVER WAS. I am 100% sure, I have everyone of of her songs. Except some remixes, but the rest. Are in my COMPUTER. There are over like 50 files. At least. So you guys are getting so Utada.

Utada - YMMWTBAM (Bloodshy mix)
This.. song is impossible to find. I'm serious, I searched for days and finally got it off a friend. And it's right here. For you. I mean come on.This song is so awesome, it's kinda techno-y and I dunno, @__@ it's on my Myspace page. You want it.

Utada Hikaru- Tokyo Nights
This is one of her older songs, but it's still really good. This and Sakura Drops, but I think a lot of people have that song already. @___@ I dunno.

Utada Hikaru- A.S.A.P
Japanese... <3

Utada Hikaru -Michelle
O_____________O Utada sings.. French. With some other guy. But it's very very pretty. And it's.. French. come on.

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I'm glad you guys like Nami Tamaki! Sorry about the whole song thing. X____X All these song are recommended, but the ones that have arrows are really good. You should definetly check out the lyrics to all these songs, I love them.
Ok, Here is Utada Hikaru's Exodus!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2)Devil Inside
4)The Workout <<
5)Easy Breezy <<
6)Tippy Toes <<
7)Hotel lobby <<
9)Crossover Interlude
10)Kremlin Dusk <<
11)You Make Me Want To Be a Man <<
12)Wonder 'Bout
13)Let me Give you My Love <<
14)About Me

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I will upload a lot this time, Cause I lacked really bad last time. @___@ sorry about that.
There is no theme for this one.. because uh.... I'm just putting stuff I can't stop listening to.

I'm sending my friend a zip. file, that has like .. 60 songs on it.. so if that uploads anytime soon, I'll post it! ^_^

Utada Hikaru-Kremlin Dusk
Err.. this is the second best song off of her Exodus album. The first was 'The Workout' that I posted last time. This song is really neat. I love her lyrics, just because they make no sense, but then, they do. 0_o Hahah It's awesome.

Caroline-Where's my Love?
Ah.. She is.. damn. She is some singers sister! And she's asian I swear! But um....this song is in English. And it's really really pretty
and airy, and happy. It's got chimes, and She has a really amazing voice.

Bonnie Pink-5 More Minutes
..........>.<;; I love Bonnie Pink so much. I mean. I fucking love Bonnie. This is the cutest song. She's talking about how she wishes her lover stayed longer, so she would of been able to tell him she loves him, and forgives him. It's so awesome. Come on. It's Bonnie Pink.

Dir en Grey- Beautiful Dirt
This is from their Withering to Death album. It's kinda a calmish rock, but then it picks up again. I love DEG. Wait. This is a harder song. XD Sorry. But it's still neat. And everyone loves Kyo screaming like orgasms.

Not many people have heard of this band. They are really neat though, and I really like this song. It's got really fast and catchy guitar ness. XD I like his voice.

Kaggra- Shiroi Mashu
Ahhh It's KAGGRAAAAA! Kaggra owns your soul. And you know it. It starts out with a technoish beat at the beginning, and then it mellows out again, and it has Ishi's pretty voice soothe you. I like listening to this during homework.

Pierrot-Yuuyami Suicide
Ahhh I love this song. It's like.. jazzy/rock? Hahah It has trumpets, and Kirito will take you awayyyy on his magic carpet of asian powers. I love flinging myself/dancing to this song.

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Sorryy Sorry, my computer has been down for a while. @__@ Many good songs going around. Yes Yes. What do you guys want...?
Woah, I'm sick. Like virually sick. Anyway..

Utada Hikaru-The Workout
@___________@ This song is awesome, but there are some crazy lyrics. Really crazy. But it's cool, and very dancy, and I dunno, download it, cause I'm sick. XD

Pierrot-Neo Grotesque
Did I already pu this up? .... I don't know. Hahah And it looks like it's spelled.. wrong... I dunno. If I did already put this up.. just download it, if you didn't before, because it's.. so great you need it, AGAIN. ahahahah It's got crazy guitar rifts. (O_o that sounded stoner-ish) And Pierrot is love.

We love Katamari Soundtrack-Meadowtronic
Katamari Damacy, and it's sequel... are weird. But a love weird. This song is very pretty with piano, and little beats, and the light voices, it's very fun for background music. yesss.

Oh! I have to go, but I will upload some more songs later kay/
Bye bye! Hope you like and comment please?

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Hello! I'm.. a new poster at the community! Weeeee.... Ok, I'm...just going to post random things, and some requests... Yes. I have quite a collection, and....just tell me what you guys want, cause I can usually find it. -_- anyway!

Color of Seasons This is a request. It's a pretty good song, but.. yeah. Hope you're happy.

Forbidden-Moi Dix Mois I LOVE THIS SONG. It's got the spooky, creepy feeling, and it will remind you of churches, and.. haunted houses, and yeah. It's awesome. And for all of you that know, Moi Dix Mois is the band that Mana went to after Malice Mizer. So you know it's great. :D

Kettobase-Utada Hikaru XDDD OMFG. This.. song.. is great. You think, that since.... Utada.. speaks fluent english, she wouldn't say something like "I want your baby." XD but.. she does. You have definetly need to hear this, just to get a laugh.

Romance-Buck-Tick Ok, yeah, I"m not a huge Buck-Tick fan, but.. this song is really pretty. It's very slow, at the beginning and... I love it. It's very mellow, and makes you melt.

Tri-Angle- BoA w/The TRAX and Dong Bang Shi Ki Yay! I actually.. -cough- originally downloaed this, because, I had an obsession with the TRAX, but.. the rest of the song is really good. I never realized how strong BoA's voice is... O_o. It's got all pretty violins, and orchestrated, and a hip hop kinda feel.

And.. that didn't make any sense...'voilins! and.. hip hop..' Ah, trust me. It's good.

So yes! comment, and.. tell me what you want, and..um....my html skills got really bad.

it took me forever how to link it, x_X nah... ok. enjoy!