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Arrghh.. I started school again.
Some girl in front of me today was like "ahh, I'm so tired of life'
Then why don't you go slit your wrists, so I don't have to hear you bitch about how 'life is so tiring' and your shoes cost to much. -_- I hate cliques. Either you're gothic, who hates cheerleaders, or cheerleaders who hate gothics. wtf.
I'm sorry. I just like. Am so over school. and it's.. day 3. X___X ahah Am I the only person who thinks this?! Or am I just crazzyyy???
this is the random rotation.
because i'm hyper and random, and delaying homework.
Pierrot- Neo Grotesque
Omg, I love this song. And the video rocks also. Yay for lack of clothing, and lesbian nurses.
Pierrot is always cool, and it's all rockish and uh. I dunno. Random.
Jolin Tsai- Meow Meow
ahhh WEEEE for Chinese music. I have a friend from China. Her name is Delia, but it's really Ying. Anyway. Chinese music is kinda hard to find. O_o Or is it just me? anyway, this song is funny, cause she goes "Meow Meow!" and.. ahahah I love it.
The Pillows-Sick Vibration
OK. You must download.
1)It's the Pillows
2) It's called "Sick Vibration"
That wins at life, no matter what.
And you can win too, if you download. ^__^

MIyavi-Frrreedom Fighters
Hahahahah WTF was Miyavi on when he wrote this/ sung this. Hahahahaha I less then 3 Miyavi. I really do. At the beginning he's like yelling "FFRREEEDDDOOOMMM" and ahah the video totally makes fun of America.
But it's Miyavi, and Miyavi is the ONLY person in the whole world who can pull of a mohawk. So I will give it to him. XD
Straightener- Play the Star Guitar
Hahah I like Straightener.
It's a cool song, I remmeber what it reminds me of, but it's something. -ponders- oh well. It's a neat song, and it's got a weird name. O_O and The guy goes "Play strawww geetar!" so yeah. ahahahah You know you want it.

yesss I"m sorry, I'll try to update more often, now that school shopping and I'm used to school again. Hahah Like actually getting up.