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hey you guysss what's up?
umm i'm browsing through my library and like i found a bunch of stuff i've never really listened to before, and i'm giving it a shot!
yayz and has anyone noticed yousendit is like 2547358 times faster now? that makes me :]

Janne de Arc-Shounen no Hitomi
I like Janne de Arc they are pretty upbeat and like happy, but I didn't even know I had some of their songs :O weirddd but whatevs, they are a bit jrock, but nothing hard, so don't worry!

Koda Kumi- Rain (unplugged Version)
this is the version live for umm mtv right? i don't know, but it's live, and she sounds REALLY pretty. like usually her lives concentrate on slutty dance moves and she doesn't even sing half the sound cough:shake it: cough but whatevs enjoy it

L'arc en~ciel- Ready Steady go (KEN VERSION)
this is the theme song for (ick) alchemists or whatever that anime is. yeah you can tell i'm not a fan. ANYWAY. it's with ken! yay. so it's like horrible engrish and like you can hear hyde in the back like trying to help and when it's not working, carving his eyes out. <3

Hyori- Get ya
umm i listened to some hyori but i never really payed attention to this song. did you know in the beginning it's like exactly like one of britney's spears songs. I MEAN EXACTLY, and britney's spears people got all mad and tried to sue hyori? yeahh hellaz drama. i don't know if she did, but like i kinda like the hyori version better. i just sounds clearer

Miyavi- Ashita Genki ni Naare!
GOD I LOVE THIS SONG. i used to listen to this song all the time, and for some reason i forgot about it and it's soo amazing. omg ok like if you don't like normal miyavi, just download this. cause it's relaly happy and light and cute and the video makes me die. and i probably uploaded this a hella long time ago oh well.

.hack series (see-saw)- kioku
i like this song, it's very ominous, and like it's weird how i found it, ause i was going through my library and i was like what is this? and then i played it and i was like aww <3 .hack it's like builds up for a little while and then like BAM! CHORUS! and then it like ends, then it builds up again and it teases you like that.
ahahahahah wow sorry.

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EEP!! You guys make me feel all special, when you comment like that. I'm all warm and fuzzy now. And I loves the fuzzy-iness. O_o Sorry, if.. i'm kinda.. retarded today, so....my choice, will reflect it. I guess it's ok though, cause.. *hopefully* you liked the last rotation, so..yes.

Yeah, so I"m going to start theming these!

Yay! Order! So this rotation's theme is...
"Music From Other Stuff!" [whether it be videogame, anime, movie, or...other..stuff..]

Cloud Age Symphony-Shuntaro Okino (Last Exile OP) O_O... wow. My friend lent me this anime, and I left, to download the theme song, as soon as I heard it. This is probably the best theme song, I've heard from an anime IN A LONG TIME. ...And.. I watch a lot.. A LOT OF ANIME. Anyway, it's very trance and...um. AWESOME! *¬* Yeah. So download it. Cause you need it. x_X

Primal Eyes -Parasite EVE soundtrack This is the opening to Parasite EVE, a videogame for the old school Playstation.[by the way, have you guys seen the new PS3?! *o*] Anyway, it's got piano, and techno background, and I swear, this song is great. There are no vocals, but you really don't need them, because there is so much going on.

Heart of Sword-T.M. Revolution Hahahahah yay! I love the Revolution. Well, this.. is the Ending theme? to Kenshin. O_o yeah...Me and my friend, are convinced, that he was killing elephants in the background, to get that weird sound.. but it's a good song, none the less.

Edge- See-Saw .hack game/movie thing yeah,, for.. um.. all of you, that.. are..into .hack you might know, there are CD's, movies, an anime, 3 mangas, and ...4 games. -_-

can we say.. 'squeezing it for it's worth?'

well, all I can say is, that.. I have... beaten all 4 games, and.. watched the anime, and ..have the mangas. x_X It's a very indept story line, taht really, you have to see and hear, EVERYTHING, for you to really figure out what happens in the end.

BUT I KNOW THEY HAVE AWESOME MUSIC! and that's soemthing you don't have to watch/buy/read the whole .hack series to know.

.....[insert thai writing x_X] -Silly Fools Yeah, when you download it, the.. name will come up. Cause, my computer, doesn't really support any symbols, except my russian stuff. x_X yeah. i can't type that. Yeah, this is from a Thai movie. I actually got this from my friends that come from Thailand. Thai, doesn't really sound any different then like.. Korean, or Chinese. It's crazy when I go to their house, and.. everyone is yelling Thai at everyone.. x_o. Anyway, I digress. It's a very calm song, and.. he sings pretty. -_-.. sorry. um. yeah. >> << just try it. I love Silly Fools and you will to. ahahahah it could be worse, I could be giving you a Thai band called "Big Ass"...........x_X

Reddish -DIVA VERSION- -Despairsray Ok Ok, title aside, this song is great. It's..kinda hard, but.. hell, it's Despairsray, and they're like visual, so yes, tis be expected. Um... what is this from you ask? ...-_- .. well, my friend made a little mini movie, and this plays.. so yeah, let's just say. "Mini Movie" Anyway, I really wish I had more Despairsray stuff, because, they're kinda hard to find. @_@ not.. that.. any of you have it..? -pleadful eyes- anyway, enjoy. Yay! I hope you liked it, and... um... have fun, dancing, or.. head banging.. whatever you do to music. c_c