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Jesus. I try to update every week end.. and i'm sorry. I didn't.
I found out what's wrong with my computer though, so I will be updating a lot more. I've been doing this stupid thing with reregistering for next year? And it makes absolutely no sense, and yeah.

That messed up my computer. I hate school.
This is a rotation of just really.. amusing things. That I have been finding everywhere. Like amusing things that make people look at my Ipod and go WTF. @_@ And ahh rush225 put that K-pop song up here and i can't stop listening to it. X____X

Nightmare before Christmas- What's this? (Japanese)
ahahah WTF A;COIWEJ;AOISJ Somewhere Danny Elfman is crying. But it's great.
Teraki boyz- Konya Wa Baggy Pants
Ok, I like this song, but it's really really weird. Like they are trying to seduce you, but then you just hear REAL BAGGY. I like my men in tight pants. Not baggy ones. But that's just me.
And I even think they ask you how you come. Yeah. Magic. And is that even girls singing?
Garlic Boys- Kyoto Gigolo
Hahaha I love this song. It's just DO YOU DO YOU LOVE MEEEE?! And it sounds all stalkerish and wonderful. ahah It's kinda pretty hella AWESOME.
Ayumi Hamasaki- Bold and Delicious
Sorry Ayumi, but this song is odd. It's a very neat upbeat song, but they are all like YA YA YA GA GA GA DA DA DA. And the version with no words is even weirder cause there is just people screaming BOLD AND DELICIOUS. ahahhaha Are you bold.. and delicious?
hide- Electric Cucumber
I think I posted this song a lonngg longg time ago. But it's worthy. I have listened to this song so much, I can say the beginning. And that is fast. With lyrics like "you're my favorite backdoor whore" and "hey baby scratch your number on my ELECTRIC CUCUMBER" you have to download this. NOW.
Psycho Le Cemu- Genkai merry Go round
Have you ever seen the video to this song? @___@ Psycho le Cemu is... ~*special*~ ahahah and that is why I <3 them. This song is really neat, but it's just weird. it's like MARREYYYY GO LOOUNDDD. And it's kinda technoish and rockish and like I don't know. It's Psycho Le Cemu.
Asian Pride- Got rice bitch?
This song is hilarious. I <3 it. It's just telling how asians are better then everyone else and it makes me giggle.GOT RICE BITCH? GOT RICE?