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hey you guysss what's up?
umm i'm browsing through my library and like i found a bunch of stuff i've never really listened to before, and i'm giving it a shot!
yayz and has anyone noticed yousendit is like 2547358 times faster now? that makes me :]

Janne de Arc-Shounen no Hitomi
I like Janne de Arc they are pretty upbeat and like happy, but I didn't even know I had some of their songs :O weirddd but whatevs, they are a bit jrock, but nothing hard, so don't worry!

Koda Kumi- Rain (unplugged Version)
this is the version live for umm mtv right? i don't know, but it's live, and she sounds REALLY pretty. like usually her lives concentrate on slutty dance moves and she doesn't even sing half the sound cough:shake it: cough but whatevs enjoy it

L'arc en~ciel- Ready Steady go (KEN VERSION)
this is the theme song for (ick) alchemists or whatever that anime is. yeah you can tell i'm not a fan. ANYWAY. it's with ken! yay. so it's like horrible engrish and like you can hear hyde in the back like trying to help and when it's not working, carving his eyes out. <3

Hyori- Get ya
umm i listened to some hyori but i never really payed attention to this song. did you know in the beginning it's like exactly like one of britney's spears songs. I MEAN EXACTLY, and britney's spears people got all mad and tried to sue hyori? yeahh hellaz drama. i don't know if she did, but like i kinda like the hyori version better. i just sounds clearer

Miyavi- Ashita Genki ni Naare!
GOD I LOVE THIS SONG. i used to listen to this song all the time, and for some reason i forgot about it and it's soo amazing. omg ok like if you don't like normal miyavi, just download this. cause it's relaly happy and light and cute and the video makes me die. and i probably uploaded this a hella long time ago oh well.

.hack series (see-saw)- kioku
i like this song, it's very ominous, and like it's weird how i found it, ause i was going through my library and i was like what is this? and then i played it and i was like aww <3 .hack it's like builds up for a little while and then like BAM! CHORUS! and then it like ends, then it builds up again and it teases you like that.
ahahahahah wow sorry.

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This is going to be the Summer/spring rotation.
Music that makes you go la la la!
Hahah you know what i'm talking about.
EDIT: Fixed the HYDE link!

HYDE- hideaway
Aww I love this song! It's so cute and happy! And I love HYDE's english so much. DIG IN AND GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! ohh I'll get HYDE's hands dirty. :O
Kaggra- Urei
This song starts off so pretty and then it picks up to pretty Kagrra feel again! It makes me think of spring for some reason.
Sowelu - Uh
ok ok, this is my slutty track for the rotation. but do i love this song. :O ahahah whatevs, it's hot LIKE SUMMER. there we go.
Utada Hikaru - Letters
<333333 it's so light and airy and cute. I love the beginning!
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
One of my favorite Air songs. EVER. It's about this boy likes this girl, but is to shy to do anything, so he doesn't do anything and it is love.
Miyavi- Ashita Genki Ni Nare
This is Miyavis' cutest song ever. Like I know most of you think of Miyavi as this hard rock guy, and most of the time he is, but if you google this video, omfg, it is the cutest thing i've seen in a while. This is not to be confused with "Ashita Tenki Ni Naare" even though that is slower also

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ER WOW. Ok Ok, I have Miyavizm? and.. Trax, and Dir en Grey. and m-flo. and Gackt. I hope I can get all this up. @__@ wow.

Here is Miyavizm in a .zip file!
Miyavizm- Miyavi
.zip file.
Blaze Away- The TRAX
mp3 file
Utada Hikaru- Distance (m-flo remix)
.zip file
Dir en Grey- Withering to Death

I'll post more later! I have to figure out what you guys want, and what I have. @___@ I just remembered I lent my friend my Dir en Grey's Gauze CD (the best one) AND THE BITCH NEVER GAVE IT BACK. T___T

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Sorry you guys. X____x I was going to upload.. like on the weekend. But uh.. I kinda got al intimidated by Linden's single. @___@ Many Many comments. -_-;;
Anywayyy Since I'm the only person who hasn't contributed to your Album collection, I finally BOUGHT AN ALBUM. Actually 2.
Oh yes. From a store we have, taht imports EVERYTHING FROM JAPAN. Yes, I now have the ability to buy japanese nailclippers if I wish.
You are so jealous.
So I will upload Miyavi's Album...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I even put the pretty cover... CAUSE IT'S MIIINNEEEEE
I hope you guys like! Try Miyavi, you will probably like him!

8)ROCK‘N’ROLL IS“NOT”DEAD(邦題:ロックンロールは眠らない)
12)Freedom Fighters-アイスクリーム持った裸足の女神と,機関銃持った裸の王様-(ボーナストラック)

Hahah and here's a random Bonnie Pink song! Hahahah It sounds really really familiar... I don't know why...Some cover of an 80's song maybe?
Bonnie Pink - 1,2,3
Hahahah How does it go from Miyavi to Bonnie Pink?

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Arrghh.. I started school again.
Some girl in front of me today was like "ahh, I'm so tired of life'
Then why don't you go slit your wrists, so I don't have to hear you bitch about how 'life is so tiring' and your shoes cost to much. -_- I hate cliques. Either you're gothic, who hates cheerleaders, or cheerleaders who hate gothics. wtf.
I'm sorry. I just like. Am so over school. and it's.. day 3. X___X ahah Am I the only person who thinks this?! Or am I just crazzyyy???
this is the random rotation.
because i'm hyper and random, and delaying homework.
Pierrot- Neo Grotesque
Omg, I love this song. And the video rocks also. Yay for lack of clothing, and lesbian nurses.
Pierrot is always cool, and it's all rockish and uh. I dunno. Random.
Jolin Tsai- Meow Meow
ahhh WEEEE for Chinese music. I have a friend from China. Her name is Delia, but it's really Ying. Anyway. Chinese music is kinda hard to find. O_o Or is it just me? anyway, this song is funny, cause she goes "Meow Meow!" and.. ahahah I love it.
The Pillows-Sick Vibration
OK. You must download.
1)It's the Pillows
2) It's called "Sick Vibration"
That wins at life, no matter what.
And you can win too, if you download. ^__^

MIyavi-Frrreedom Fighters
Hahahahah WTF was Miyavi on when he wrote this/ sung this. Hahahahaha I less then 3 Miyavi. I really do. At the beginning he's like yelling "FFRREEEDDDOOOMMM" and ahah the video totally makes fun of America.
But it's Miyavi, and Miyavi is the ONLY person in the whole world who can pull of a mohawk. So I will give it to him. XD
Straightener- Play the Star Guitar
Hahah I like Straightener.
It's a cool song, I remmeber what it reminds me of, but it's something. -ponders- oh well. It's a neat song, and it's got a weird name. O_O and The guy goes "Play strawww geetar!" so yeah. ahahahah You know you want it.

yesss I"m sorry, I'll try to update more often, now that school shopping and I'm used to school again. Hahah Like actually getting up.

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hm... I have returned. Did you miss me? ...
>> << of course you did.
Well, um... how.. about.. songs that are... sexy?
ah... I think that is a good one.
Um.. and if the songs toward the end.. aren't teh smex.. it's cause.. um.. I got lazy.
ahahah but you love me anyway.
Miyavi- fumi... something.. it's a long title.. X_X
Ahh.. acoustic Miyavi.. -melts- this is like.. his sex voice... [the voice you get during sex] ahahahahahh so.. listen.. cause Miyavi is love..
Seo Taiji-Come Back Home
mmm... Seo Taiji is love also... I love his voice at the beginning, cause.. he's like "come on..' and.. that's when i start giggling ahhaha Bad Chelsea! anyway. This is on the harder side.. as is almost all the Seo, but.. come on.. it's teh smex.
Dir en Grey -Merciless Cult
This song is all around awesome...it's from their newest album.. Withering to Death? yes. This song is all around tension. Mmmmmmmmm -licks lips at Toshiya picture- Yes... slow rock. but nice. and um.. i noticed.. this is going to probably be a mostly rock rotation.. sorry, if you don't like rock that much.. it's kinda hard for techno to be sexy. -_-
Ryohei Yamamoto-Moon Sexy
Come the fuck on.
It has 'sexy' in the nameeee!!!!!one I had to put this up! This songg is awessommmeeeeee.
if there was a scale.. it would be like :
normal awesomeX----------------------------------------------------------------Moon Sexy awesomex
there! if that doesn't convince you um... it's ryohei... and... um.....it's very i dunno. sexy.
so there.
Koda Kumi-SElfish
ah... Koda Kumi.. is hot. >>; <<; She's like the... japanese.. ashanti or something.
Which.. I hate... but anyway.
This song is very.. um.. neat? But the video is scary.. like.... Dir en Grey scary.. but whorey-er