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Wooaahhh you guys.

I got like 20 comments last time. How awesome.

Hahahah and since most of us have started school again.

This rotation will be
Awesome Music to listen to during homeworkkkk!!!one
Yay.. cause we all like to stall before/during Homeworkk
(especially spanish..) X_____X

Landy-Boogie Oogie

Eiieeyyyyeee It's Chineseeee..

This song is coool. There is like.. Chinese rapping, and i'm like 'O___o ahah wtf?' but she has an awesome voice, and uh. yeah. It helps you stall teh homework.


Hahahahah what's with me and my asian rap? ahahahah Whatever. This song is total stall love. I can listen to on repeat just running around acting ghetto. Yelling Japanese. ahahahaha I don't know. You know you want it.

Sparta Locals-Gyappu

Sparta Locals owe all. I dunno why. I really like his voice, and it's very fast pace. Which makes you throw down the pencil and start dancingggg!!!

ahahahahahahah I'm sorry, I'm promoting lazyness and stuff.
But if you guys are anything like me, you already are. XD

Malice Mizer-Illuminati

OOOMMGGGGGG I know most of you probably have teh Malice Mizer stuff.

But if you don't.


Malice Mizer is probably the best band EVER. and This is one of there BEST SONGS.

ahahahh Seriously. It's very um... scary? church? visual kei? awesome? great?
all of the above?

Janne de Arc-More Deep

I don't know if this is live, or if the quality is kinda weird, but this song is really cool. I love the chorus.. Like around 1:00 is totally awesome. I dunno. Why is YSI being such a bitch? jesus...

ahahah OK. Good luck on stalling on homework, and finsihing it during class.

And i'm sorry, I realized, I'm pretty much the only poster that doesn't post full singles/albums but that's because I have like.. a Bonnie Pink album, a NightMare album/ Some Miyavi singles. and uh... I think that's it.
X____X sorry.