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This is going to be the Summer/spring rotation.
Music that makes you go la la la!
Hahah you know what i'm talking about.
EDIT: Fixed the HYDE link!

HYDE- hideaway
Aww I love this song! It's so cute and happy! And I love HYDE's english so much. DIG IN AND GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! ohh I'll get HYDE's hands dirty. :O
Kaggra- Urei
This song starts off so pretty and then it picks up to pretty Kagrra feel again! It makes me think of spring for some reason.
Sowelu - Uh
ok ok, this is my slutty track for the rotation. but do i love this song. :O ahahah whatevs, it's hot LIKE SUMMER. there we go.
Utada Hikaru - Letters
<333333 it's so light and airy and cute. I love the beginning!
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
One of my favorite Air songs. EVER. It's about this boy likes this girl, but is to shy to do anything, so he doesn't do anything and it is love.
Miyavi- Ashita Genki Ni Nare
This is Miyavis' cutest song ever. Like I know most of you think of Miyavi as this hard rock guy, and most of the time he is, but if you google this video, omfg, it is the cutest thing i've seen in a while. This is not to be confused with "Ashita Tenki Ni Naare" even though that is slower also

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I will upload a lot this time, Cause I lacked really bad last time. @___@ sorry about that.
There is no theme for this one.. because uh.... I'm just putting stuff I can't stop listening to.

I'm sending my friend a zip. file, that has like .. 60 songs on it.. so if that uploads anytime soon, I'll post it! ^_^

Utada Hikaru-Kremlin Dusk
Err.. this is the second best song off of her Exodus album. The first was 'The Workout' that I posted last time. This song is really neat. I love her lyrics, just because they make no sense, but then, they do. 0_o Hahah It's awesome.

Caroline-Where's my Love?
Ah.. She is.. damn. She is some singers sister! And she's asian I swear! But um....this song is in English. And it's really really pretty
and airy, and happy. It's got chimes, and She has a really amazing voice.

Bonnie Pink-5 More Minutes
..........>.<;; I love Bonnie Pink so much. I mean. I fucking love Bonnie. This is the cutest song. She's talking about how she wishes her lover stayed longer, so she would of been able to tell him she loves him, and forgives him. It's so awesome. Come on. It's Bonnie Pink.

Dir en Grey- Beautiful Dirt
This is from their Withering to Death album. It's kinda a calmish rock, but then it picks up again. I love DEG. Wait. This is a harder song. XD Sorry. But it's still neat. And everyone loves Kyo screaming like orgasms.

Not many people have heard of this band. They are really neat though, and I really like this song. It's got really fast and catchy guitar ness. XD I like his voice.

Kaggra- Shiroi Mashu
Ahhh It's KAGGRAAAAA! Kaggra owns your soul. And you know it. It starts out with a technoish beat at the beginning, and then it mellows out again, and it has Ishi's pretty voice soothe you. I like listening to this during homework.

Pierrot-Yuuyami Suicide
Ahhh I love this song. It's like.. jazzy/rock? Hahah It has trumpets, and Kirito will take you awayyyy on his magic carpet of asian powers. I love flinging myself/dancing to this song.

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Hey you guys. OMG. I have had a life. I've *actually* been busy! weeee... yeah, and since i'm going to do something soon, i won't put as many songs up. sorry.

but, i'll post again later....ok?

ahahahahah I think I got yelled at for not posting. Sorry.. -_-;;; ahahahahah and

yesterday was MAH BIRTHDAY! wwweeee! ahahah This has nothing to do with the rotation, but.. yeah.

This rotation's theme.. is Kagrra, !!! Yay! Kagrra is pretty! They are visual kei/indies, and... ...pretty. -_- I love the guy's voice.

Kaggra,- Fuusetsu This song IS SOOO PRETTY. *¬* yay! Um.. yeah, It's Kaggra, and you can always tell if a song is Kaggra, because it just has that tradional Japanes-y feel. x_X and every time some reviews Kaggra, they say Japanese-y. ^_^;; sorry.

Kagrra,-Urei EEPPEEEE! This song has pretty pianos and is slow and happy. -melts- Yes, Kagrra, makes you pool into a puddle of human on the floor x_X ahahahahhahahahahah, I'm sorry, I was up till 3 last night playing Metal Gear Solid. *¬*

Kaggra,-Ouka ranman This song reminds me of Star Ocean game. Because.. I used to play this will I played that. But yeah. Really, all Kaggra, is love. Just download all of them, because you can never have enough Kaggra,. And they recently changed their name.. to have a ',' in it.

So instead of "Kagrra"

It's "Kagrra,"....... ...... O_o Hahahah if it floats your boat.