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Another rotation.
And I'm tired.

Hahahah this.. was going to have structure. But then I didn't feel like it, so I put my player thing, on random... and yeah. Here. Have fun.
hahaha And I was doing good updating every weekend of so, but I went and messed that up. So yeah.
And by the way, is there anyone who wants me to reupload that huge zip. file? Cause like.. I basically got 1 comment of someone how downloaded it. Thanks. X____X but then the bandwith ran out TWICE. You guys need to commmeennntt because
1) It makes me feel special
2) It lets me know i'm worth something. @___@
So yes.
Ok here you go.

Rob Laufter- Go! Go! Go!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This song. Omg. I can't believe I forgot about this song. It's very vulgar, but he says 'fuck' like... 2546879698435613987993 times. I <3 Mr. Laufter. Hahah It's about sexxxx. And everyone loves sex.

The Zeal- I Love you No Matter What
Yay. Zeal is happy, this song.. ahaha Is A LOT MORE mellow then the last one. AWWWW It's pretty. I love Zeal. I'll probably post more of them. Because they are teh smex. That they are.

AHAHAHAHAHAH OMFG. I just realized, that my abbreviation for 'Soundtrack' Looks like STD ahahahahahahah omg, I"m so sorry. I thought that needed to be pointed out. Well, this song is only 30 seconds long. But come on.. it's teh Katamari.

Xenosaga STD (XD)- Last Battle
This.. is the last battle song. XD How did you know?! Anyway, this song harbors bad memories for me, considering,,, I still haven't beat it. I'm a really high level.. and everything.. it just.. won't go... T__T But this is a pretty song. Very pretty. I searched for a very long time for this one, and now, it's right at the disposal of your mouse. Come on. Click. Clickeyclickeyclickeyyy

You know the cute little asian girl, who sings the pretty song from the Inuyasha endings? Or one of them anyway?
ahahahahah I know, I know.
It's.. called
"Come"..... -contains self- anways, well, it's all sweet and pretty, but then.. like.. she comes out with something like this. And.. omg, My friend was listening to it, and... she was like 'That means 'Slow down!' and... Just by the... -cough- other lyrics of the song, and the feel, you can only imagine what the hell Namie is talking about. And I think it's the same thing as my dear Rob is talking about.

Duel Jewel-Tales
I never really listened to Duel Jewel a lot, and this makes me regret it. I really need some more stuff from them. It's so light and airy, and I'm like 'Woah O__o DJ is awesome' But anyway, Try to open up to some new music, and listen to them.

Nami Tamaki- Future Step
Ok, I love Nami Tamaki. So much.
Like there is a lot of JPop out there. and I have a big place in my heart for all of it. But let's see. It can best be explained.. in.. -gasp- and equation.
Koda Kumi love + Utada Hikaru love= Nami Tamaki LOVE
Nami Tamaki love- Utada love- Koda love= Ayumi Hamasaki.
XD ahahah Basically, (if you havent' hit algebra yet, or I'm just stupid) Any JPop can add up, and I still love NAMI TAMAKI MORE.
And I just don't basically like Ayumi hamasaki that much. Just her techno. XD Soorrryyy.
Anyway, don't make my rants worthless. Downloaddd clicky.