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Heyy It looked a lot like you guys liked the Hyori girl.
The Korean girl who sang "Dark Angel"
I like a lot of her songs previous soo here are some!
Anymotion- Hyori Ft. Eric
This song is really neat, and the video is even cooler. But the video is like 7 minutes long, and it's like her dancing and this guy who has a crush on her finding her cell phone and like I don't know. Youtube it.
Do Me- Hyori
The song is called Do Me. Why are you even reading this.
Cleopatra- Hyori
This song has a very like Arabic feeling, and what not. I like it.

The boy is mine- Hyori ft.Lee Soo Young
Hahahah isn't there a song by that like 90's girl band Dream called The Boy is mine?
Korean Remix (Anymotion) Baby VOX/Hyori/ BoA
The uber neat remix of Anymotion. I almost like it better then the orginal.
Hey Girl -Hyori
This is a slower song at the beginning but it picks up to some like.. black man just like rapping in english? and then she is singing and jesus this is a weird song, I never listened to it all the way before. ahahahah <3

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I <3 BoA. Mucho. Jesus Christ YSI is taking forever. WTF.
Anywayzzz Here is BoA's album. I have no idea how old it is. But it's good. So yes. Enjoi.

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1)Silent Screamerz *ahahah wtf?
3)Kimi no Tonari de
4)OUTGROW~Ready butterfly~
5)Make a Secret
6)Everlasting *Very pretty.
7)Long Time No See
8)Cosmic Eyes
9)Dakishimeru *Awesome
10)Love is just what you can't see
11)Stay my Gold
13)With U
14)First Snow (Bonus)

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Hello! I'm.. a new poster at the community! Weeeee.... Ok, I'm...just going to post random things, and some requests... Yes. I have quite a collection, and....just tell me what you guys want, cause I can usually find it. -_- anyway!

Color of Seasons This is a request. It's a pretty good song, but.. yeah. Hope you're happy.

Forbidden-Moi Dix Mois I LOVE THIS SONG. It's got the spooky, creepy feeling, and it will remind you of churches, and.. haunted houses, and yeah. It's awesome. And for all of you that know, Moi Dix Mois is the band that Mana went to after Malice Mizer. So you know it's great. :D

Kettobase-Utada Hikaru XDDD OMFG. This.. song.. is great. You think, that since.... Utada.. speaks fluent english, she wouldn't say something like "I want your baby." XD but.. she does. You have definetly need to hear this, just to get a laugh.

Romance-Buck-Tick Ok, yeah, I"m not a huge Buck-Tick fan, but.. this song is really pretty. It's very slow, at the beginning and... I love it. It's very mellow, and makes you melt.

Tri-Angle- BoA w/The TRAX and Dong Bang Shi Ki Yay! I actually.. -cough- originally downloaed this, because, I had an obsession with the TRAX, but.. the rest of the song is really good. I never realized how strong BoA's voice is... O_o. It's got all pretty violins, and orchestrated, and a hip hop kinda feel.

And.. that didn't make any sense...'voilins! and.. hip hop..' Ah, trust me. It's good.

So yes! comment, and.. tell me what you want, and..um....my html skills got really bad.

it took me forever how to link it, x_X nah... ok. enjoy!