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Why am I listening to Juanes?

yeah we're just going to pretend i've been here the whole time.
haha yeah school is really ridiclous lately, cause i'm getting this huge schedule change and whatnot, but i came back for you guys! um i have homecoming today (YAY) so i'm doing techno hop dance music!

because everyone loves techno!

M-flo loves Dragon Ash- Way you move
This song is really slow and cute in the beginning, not like dance slow, but just a slower beat, and then like after 2 minutes it launches into all out like techno remix beat thing. At first I didn't like this song, and now i love it. Oh, and it's like 8 minutes long. Woohoo.

Nami Tanaki- My Way
uh how could you have dance techno and not Nami? YOU CAN'T. anywayz. This song is like very fast paced and upbeat, and her voice doesn't squeak like it does in some other songs. :O ahah yeah i said it.

Namie Amuro- No
I don't care how many times I upload this, I still really love this song. And i don't even like hip hopish beats that much. And if you wait like a minute after the song, it does this remix that is like "When i say no no no, i really mean yes yes yes!"
...isn't that kinda rape? uhh i dunno. ahah Namie promotes rape. and this is kinda straying from the theme. oh well.

Ayumi Hamasaki- Trauma
uhh I actually really like this song. And i don't really like ayumi. :O I don't know why i'ts called trauma, considering uh.. it's a pretty upbeat song, maybe you guys know?

China Dolls- Dan Feng Yen(some weird remix)
ahah yes this is pretty catchy and upbeat and dance. I think it's in thai? it was a really REALLY big song there, so they had like 25872 remixes, and this is just one of the good ones.

Hyori-Shall we Dance?
WOW. Hyori must of did 20 performances of this song. And they all had, THE.EXACT.SAME.DANCE.
there is only so many times you can do a song hyori, and the same one at that. but this is still a really good song. and the dance for it was pretty good, just like NOT THAT MUCH. i can tell why this song was so huge.

Jolin Tsai- Dancing Diva
this song is addictiveeee and i think this is the PV rip, cause i used to have this song, and it didn't have the extra dancy part to it at the end and stuff. But it's good, and i like it.


Jesus. I try to update every week end.. and i'm sorry. I didn't.
I found out what's wrong with my computer though, so I will be updating a lot more. I've been doing this stupid thing with reregistering for next year? And it makes absolutely no sense, and yeah.

That messed up my computer. I hate school.
This is a rotation of just really.. amusing things. That I have been finding everywhere. Like amusing things that make people look at my Ipod and go WTF. @_@ And ahh rush225 put that K-pop song up here and i can't stop listening to it. X____X

Nightmare before Christmas- What's this? (Japanese)
ahahah WTF A;COIWEJ;AOISJ Somewhere Danny Elfman is crying. But it's great.
Teraki boyz- Konya Wa Baggy Pants
Ok, I like this song, but it's really really weird. Like they are trying to seduce you, but then you just hear REAL BAGGY. I like my men in tight pants. Not baggy ones. But that's just me.
And I even think they ask you how you come. Yeah. Magic. And is that even girls singing?
Garlic Boys- Kyoto Gigolo
Hahaha I love this song. It's just DO YOU DO YOU LOVE MEEEE?! And it sounds all stalkerish and wonderful. ahah It's kinda pretty hella AWESOME.
Ayumi Hamasaki- Bold and Delicious
Sorry Ayumi, but this song is odd. It's a very neat upbeat song, but they are all like YA YA YA GA GA GA DA DA DA. And the version with no words is even weirder cause there is just people screaming BOLD AND DELICIOUS. ahahhaha Are you bold.. and delicious?
hide- Electric Cucumber
I think I posted this song a lonngg longg time ago. But it's worthy. I have listened to this song so much, I can say the beginning. And that is fast. With lyrics like "you're my favorite backdoor whore" and "hey baby scratch your number on my ELECTRIC CUCUMBER" you have to download this. NOW.
Psycho Le Cemu- Genkai merry Go round
Have you ever seen the video to this song? @___@ Psycho le Cemu is... ~*special*~ ahahah and that is why I <3 them. This song is really neat, but it's just weird. it's like MARREYYYY GO LOOUNDDD. And it's kinda technoish and rockish and like I don't know. It's Psycho Le Cemu.
Asian Pride- Got rice bitch?
This song is hilarious. I <3 it. It's just telling how asians are better then everyone else and it makes me giggle.GOT RICE BITCH? GOT RICE?

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Heyyyyyyy.... T_T You guys! My computer crashed! -gasp!- But luckly, I saved a lot of my songs to discs, and whatnot, but I still lost a lot of stuff. -_-;; So if you could help me.. out? By sending me the songs I have posted up here? OMFG I would love you. My email is yuki_chan66@yahoo.com Sorry, about this.... but if you do, i'll um.. draw you a picture or something! yay! ok, on to the rotation! [sorry about that O_o] We have had requests for Crystal Kay songs! and Ayumi Hamasaki ayu-mix something x_X Luckily, I have both! yayayayayay! and man, it took me like 5 tries to get this up here.. .live journal doesn't like me....

Ayumi Hamasaki-Evolution

I'm trying to remember, if this is the one with piano, or the re techno-ed one...-_-;; Ok! Techno! I love Ayumi, in this mix, because, I love techno! YAY! ahahahah I have been stopped in random places, because people are like "What are you listening to?" and I go "Ayumi Hamasaki!" :D and they have no idea what i'm talking about. x_X; Anyway, All these Ayu songs are great! So download them!

Trauma-Ayumi Hamasaki WOWWWWW!!! EEIIIIYYYEEEEE!! I love this song. x_X sorry. Hahahah This song is fun to dance in the dark too. ... except then you bump into stuff and you hurt yourself. -_- Not that I have done that. It's got a super catchy happy beat ... and.. well, it's off Ayumi's mix ablum. Of course it rocks. Jesus.

M-Ayumi Hamasaki This is probably one of my favorite songs on here. I have no idea why it's just called "M" but.... O_O whatever. It rocks. [xD I apologize for my crappy reviews......... I'm kinda tired x_X but you still love me right?] ahah yes, so you will just have download it, to see how great it is. ^_^

NEVER EVER- Ayumi Hamasaki I like the people at the very beginning of the song going 'oohhhh!' ahahahaha cause I'm random like that. Yes, it's Ayumi, it's techno, it's awesome, and you want it.

Boys_Girls-Ayumi Hamasaki This has a kinda.. old feeling to it, just because of the beat when she starts singing. And yet again, there are a bunch of people that scream a random word.. and this time it's "YEAH!" XD

Ayu: OK.. You guys, in this song, what's a random english word you can yell to make it sound cool?

Group: um... Hey?

Ayu: ...I already used that...

Group: OHH?!

Ayu: I used that tooo! DAmn! What do I do!?

Random Japanese man: HEY! We will yell HEY!!!

Ayu: What about "Hey!" Yeah! that's it!

Japanese man: -_-;; I just said that!

Ayu: Don't agrue with me cretin! I'm Ayumi Hamasaki!

Boyfriend pt. 2-Crystal Kay This song is really pretty! I love Crystal Kay's voice.... There is a part one, but I don't think it's as good as this one. But if you guys like it, i can upload it later! This song is kinda slow, but very nice. O_o So do it.

Bye My Darling! -Crystal Kay O_O There is ENGLISH! YES YOU HEARD ME! ENGLISH! I guess Crystal Kay is.. japanese? and Black? I have no idea.. but her father is american i guess, so she speaks perfect english! I like how the hip hop artist manage to incorporate little bits of english into their rap/thing. And I really don't like hip hop... but I like Crystal Kay. So yes, If you don't like this type of music, just try it. You know you want it!

REEEWIND-Crystal Kay -M-flo OMFG. -_- this is what made me really not like M-flo. XD In a good way. Wait! Just because he is soooo funny. I SWEAR. It starts off, with them like, live, and he's like 'you know what i'm saying?!' and i'm like x_X no. hahahah he thinks he's gangster. -dies- But Crystal Kay is very pretty. I dunno, usually when M-flo is in a song, I hate M-flo, but I love the other person. -_- So me and my friend made a reference, that this is M-flo's marketing scam! He's pairs up with someone awesome, so they buy the CD for them, and he still makes money! YOU SEE?! But I have to admit. the M-flo single below me? It's pretty good. So try that to...