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Last Post (from me) for the time being~

Hi Everyone,

This will probably be my last post here before Christmas. I am overwhelmed by school, and will be even more swamped when NaNoWriMo starts in... 5 hours. I would really like to continue sharing music here, but I hardly have time to get new music for myself nowadays. Also... my music tastes have shifted from that from j-urban and j-pop to canto/mandopop. From the limited number of comments we've been getting I guess that isn't really something that interests most people here. It's really too bad in a way... but we like what we like, right?

Thank you to each and every one of you for making this a great music community. I guess this is just my way of giving an official heads up to everyone that Ongaku will not be as active as we used to be. Feel free to continue sending us requests though. I will still try to fill those ASAP.

My October Playlist
01. 張懸 Deserts Chang - 關於我愛你 About I love you
02. 蔡旻佑 Evan Yo - 發光的簡訊 Shining SMS
03. 張繼聰 Louis Cheung - 這一秒 This Second
04. 薛凱琪 Fiona Sit - 慕容雪 Snow
05. 黃征 Huang Zheng - 我是誰的誰 Whose Who am I
06. 張芸京 Jing - 讓我照顧你 Let me take care of you
07. 楊千嬅 Miriam Yeung - All About Love
08. 王力宏 Leehom Wang - 花田錯 Flower Field Flaws
09. 王菲 Faye Wong - 棋子 Pawn
10. 張學友 Jacky Cheung - 愛是永恆 Love is Forever
11. 元味覺醒 YMKS- 分手禮 Breakup Ceremony
12. 林峰 Raymond Lam - 換個方式愛你 Loving you in another way

Have a spooky Halloween! :)
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Hello Members & Watchers of _ongaku,

It's been well over a year since this community has been updated. Both Ed lindendragon and I have been busy with various things and haven't had as much time for Livejournal as we would like. As far as I know, he's still busy with school (even during summer, sadly) but I have a bit more free time on my hands now so I'll be updating regularly.

If you haven't joined the community already, please join in addition to friending us. Our media posts will all be friends only so you won't be able to access them if you don't join.

As for our uploading team...
rush225, secretseven7, spycy_kymchy, tokyo_seoul27, and yukichan66

Are you guys still willing to share music with the community? Please let me know ASAP.

The community has been updated and graced with a new layout by mentahelada, with a homemade banner by me. I'm in the process of tagging all the posts (yay 300 posts... *deflates*) right now. Music post will follow soon.

If you happen to read this, feel free to say hi and reassure me that I'm not talking to myself lol. :x

Thank you for your continual support for _ongaku!

Amanda delbor
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Notice: f-only

Due to recent events, we've decided to make this community FRIENDS ONLY. This means that you may only view posts on this community if you have joined this community. Please don't bitch about it. This is for the continued existence of the community. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are already an LJ Member:

To join the community, go to our profile page, or click here.

If you are not already an LJ Member:

Register an account on LJ, then join our community.


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hey you guys?
my computer is down.
:( my hardrive died, and so i'm getting it replaced, but then i need to buy the xp disc, so it might be a week or so until i can post again, so yeah, i just wanted to tell you guys what was up!
sorryyyy hope i can be back soon!

Warning: this is not an update. You have been warned.

There is a new LJ Directory aimed at compiling all the LJ music rotations. For Moderators of music rotations that visit us here at Ongaku, please head over to music_rotations for more information.

Secondly, Ongaku's 1 year anniversary is coming up soon. All the uploaders are making preparations for that date, so do not be surprised if we aren't uploading very much for the next week.

That's all~!

Look forward to Monday the 24th. </lj>
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Technical Support XD

It seems that many people had troubles getting the files from "theupload" links so, after trying it myself I've discovered the problem....(pictures included!!!)

  1. Open the Tools Menu and click on internet options ( picture )
  2. you will now see a menu that has a bunch of tabs on top ( picture )
  3. go to the privacy tab. You would probably see something like this ( picture )
  4. change it to this ( picture )
  5. press apply and...DONE

~Hope this helped many people who had troubles, if this method did not work for you, message in the comments section in the future updates and it will be YSI'ed.~

*yea i know the pictures suck haha save em somewhere and kinda zoom in..but it kinda generally shows whats what in it*

**DO NOT accept zango, you dont need it to get the files**

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OMFG you guys
i'm sorry. My computer is like X__X and I'm a -sad panda-
I swear i'll update later or try to? cause i have finals.. and.... other things. @__@ I fail at life. I <3 you though and I think i'll post some Coco Lee Cd's or something? would that be good? i ono.
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Everyone share in the internationalness!

Add yourself to the ONGAKU ROTATION MEMBER LOCATIONS! (powered by Frappr) I don't want to be the only one on it XD.

It works with any major city in the world, so add yourself! It only takes a few minutes!

If anyone needs help with it, please tell me, and i'll be glad to help. And please use the same username as you use on LJ X_x;;
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