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hey you guys?
my computer is down.
:( my hardrive died, and so i'm getting it replaced, but then i need to buy the xp disc, so it might be a week or so until i can post again, so yeah, i just wanted to tell you guys what was up!
sorryyyy hope i can be back soon!

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This is going to be the Summer/spring rotation.
Music that makes you go la la la!
Hahah you know what i'm talking about.
EDIT: Fixed the HYDE link!

HYDE- hideaway
Aww I love this song! It's so cute and happy! And I love HYDE's english so much. DIG IN AND GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! ohh I'll get HYDE's hands dirty. :O
Kaggra- Urei
This song starts off so pretty and then it picks up to pretty Kagrra feel again! It makes me think of spring for some reason.
Sowelu - Uh
ok ok, this is my slutty track for the rotation. but do i love this song. :O ahahah whatevs, it's hot LIKE SUMMER. there we go.
Utada Hikaru - Letters
<333333 it's so light and airy and cute. I love the beginning!
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
One of my favorite Air songs. EVER. It's about this boy likes this girl, but is to shy to do anything, so he doesn't do anything and it is love.
Miyavi- Ashita Genki Ni Nare
This is Miyavis' cutest song ever. Like I know most of you think of Miyavi as this hard rock guy, and most of the time he is, but if you google this video, omfg, it is the cutest thing i've seen in a while. This is not to be confused with "Ashita Tenki Ni Naare" even though that is slower also

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Aww Happy Aniversary!
woohoo! anywaysss I have the top 25 in my libary! That's a lot of uploading. X__X

And you probably have seen a lot of them already on here, but I love them so much they are worthy of it again!

This is hard, i had to take out all my English songs.

MY TOP 25!!

1)Utada-The Workout
2)Epik High- Fly
3)M-flo <3's Bennie K- Taste Your Stuff (Happy Drive mix)
4)Utada Hikaru- Tokyo Nights
5)Silly Fools- Namninglaylook
6)BoA- Dakishimeru
7)D'espairsray- Oborno no Tsuki
8)Kaggra- Ouka Ranman
9)Koda Kumi - Imasugu Hoshii
10)Okuda Miwado- Futari
11)Utada Hikaru - Be My Last
12)Nami Tamaki- Future Step
13)Orange Range- Chest
14)Malice Mizer- Illuminati
15)Coco- Evil Spirit Looking Glass
16)Bonnie Pink- 5 More Minutes
17)Epik High- ??? I don't know the translation to this song. X_X sorry.
18)Hitomi Shimatani- Falco
19)Hyori ft Eric- Anymotion
20)Miyavi- Night in Girl
21)T.M. Revolution- Invoke
22)Teriyaki Boyz- Konya wa Baggy Pants
23)Namie Amuro- No
24)Nobue Uematsu- Sudeki De Na
25)M-flo <3's Emyli- Loop in My Heart

Hope you guys like it!

Warning: this is not an update. You have been warned.

There is a new LJ Directory aimed at compiling all the LJ music rotations. For Moderators of music rotations that visit us here at Ongaku, please head over to music_rotations for more information.

Secondly, Ongaku's 1 year anniversary is coming up soon. All the uploaders are making preparations for that date, so do not be surprised if we aren't uploading very much for the next week.

That's all~!

Look forward to Monday the 24th. </lj>
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Itunes on KRACK.

I have absoluetly no idea what to upload.
At all.
So I'm randoming my library, which is a scary scary thing, and out of the 1300 songs you are going to get some.
I need some themes.
Any ideas? Anywayz

Plastic Tree- Kuuchuu Buranko
I love Plastic Tree so much. His voice is like so soft and happy and like wooo. I wish the were still together. That makes me a sad panda.
Hinoi Team-IKE IKE
ahahah I think someone just uploaded this song, but I had it from a while ago, and it's really fun. haha it's like hella techno and like all these girls just screaming IKE IKE and it's happy and just download it cause you need some happy music.
Dir en Grey -Garden
yayyy old school visual kei diru. The best kind. <3 i love this songgg and it's even better when you can hear kyo going GLAARR -DYEENNN ahaha and i didn't even realize he waas saying that for a while. and then it hit me. that's why dir en grey songs never get old. you always learn the lyrics after say... -cough- 4 years -cough-
<Utada Hikaru- Sakura Drops
yeah. i have a lot of utada, that the shuffle would play two songs by her... in a row. ahaha <3 the video for this song is crazy, but this song is really really pretty. any utada fan could tell you that. it's somewhat slow, but it will pick up, and i particually like the last minute.
Namie Amuro- I wanna show you my love
ahah I told you my shuffle is scary. X___X anywayzzz this is more hip hopish like namie's more recent stuff, but i still like it, and it's got english/japanese like that and she brings ittt. ahaha <3

Utada- Sanctuary
ahahah MORE UTADA. ahaha my computer lieks utada. this is the english version of 'passion' which actually it isn't, it's just liek the same beat and stuff, because in passion it is totally different translated i think. yeah, i dunno. it's still pretty though, even though i like passion a tad more, maybe cause i heard that one first? oh well, it's the opening/closing for kingdom hearts 2 and it's really really prettyy i suggest you youtube it, because teh animation is SEX.

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Heyyyy you guys.
<3 so like i was looking and i noticed some people wanted the koda kumi singless cause you didn't get some of them, so i'll upload as many as i have!
woohooo! i have to admit i like ima sugu hoshii the best.
which is the dirties i think. X__X ahah
and then candy!

Birthday Eve
Shake It Up
Candy Feat Mr. Blistah
No Regret
Ima Sugu Hoshii
Someday/ Boys girls (or something.)

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Heyy It looked a lot like you guys liked the Hyori girl.
The Korean girl who sang "Dark Angel"
I like a lot of her songs previous soo here are some!
Anymotion- Hyori Ft. Eric
This song is really neat, and the video is even cooler. But the video is like 7 minutes long, and it's like her dancing and this guy who has a crush on her finding her cell phone and like I don't know. Youtube it.
Do Me- Hyori
The song is called Do Me. Why are you even reading this.
Cleopatra- Hyori
This song has a very like Arabic feeling, and what not. I like it.

The boy is mine- Hyori ft.Lee Soo Young
Hahahah isn't there a song by that like 90's girl band Dream called The Boy is mine?
Korean Remix (Anymotion) Baby VOX/Hyori/ BoA
The uber neat remix of Anymotion. I almost like it better then the orginal.
Hey Girl -Hyori
This is a slower song at the beginning but it picks up to some like.. black man just like rapping in english? and then she is singing and jesus this is a weird song, I never listened to it all the way before. ahahahah <3

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I <3 BoA. Mucho. Jesus Christ YSI is taking forever. WTF.
Anywayzzz Here is BoA's album. I have no idea how old it is. But it's good. So yes. Enjoi.

Image hosting by Photobucket

1)Silent Screamerz *ahahah wtf?
3)Kimi no Tonari de
4)OUTGROW~Ready butterfly~
5)Make a Secret
6)Everlasting *Very pretty.
7)Long Time No See
8)Cosmic Eyes
9)Dakishimeru *Awesome
10)Love is just what you can't see
11)Stay my Gold
13)With U
14)First Snow (Bonus)